Carleton Landowners Association Property Rights Seminar

Published December 1, 2013

The Carleton Landowners Association (CLA) is planning a Property Rights Seminar to be held in conjunction with their Annual General Meeting. “We wanted to do something a bit different this year”, said Shirley Dolan, President of the CLA. “Our AGMs are typically held at the Carp Agricultural Hall in Carp, we have our AGM, and then as many speakers as we can squeeze in. Attendance is very good and the hall is large enough to accommodate the crowd but we would like to have more speakers and maybe more variety and so this year, we are changing our venue and the format”.

In order to accommodate more speakers, the CLA is moving their meeting to a conference centre. There will be two to three sessions going on at the same time. Plans include speakers on some of the important documents that support our property rights such as the Crown Grant Patents and the Magna Carta, first-hand accounts of some of the intrusions on private property by government officials, and information about what the Ontario Landowners are doing to push back on bad legislation.

“We also want to ensure that people have time to chat to the presenters and to each other”, added Shirley. “A very important part of getting together is to share information and we think that this conference style format will allow more time for that. We will be serving a simple lunch of sandwiches and desserts with a generous amount of time to visit and chat”.

Elizabeth Marshall, director of Research for the Ontario Landowners Association, will be one of the guest speakers. The agenda will take shape over the next couple of weeks with plans to start advertising in February 2014. The event is slated to take place on Saturday, April 26 from 8 AM to 5 PM at the Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Centre, 1876 Robertson Road, Ottawa, Ontario.

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  1. Thomas K. Jones December 2, 2013

    Sorry for the spelling errors. Could you make the corrections for “resized” to rezoned & ” defines” to defended.

  2. Ken Hughes December 1, 2013

    Keep your eyes on my March 4 provincial court case in Goderich 9am.I am a free hold landowner with a certifide 1830 Crown Patent and I am defending a charge by the zealous tyrons from Orillia gun registry.It seems they not only make illegal legislation but break the Federal law by keeping a long gun registry! I believe the top cop is charged already for doing this action.Please back me as this case could break this bad legislation. There are at least 3 good members in the community fight charges agianst this phony legislation.PS I was on the Nippising trail this year and the locals are telling me the opp are shooting without concience machine guns and full automatics and they say that the woods is full of lead and they have never seen dangerous operation of firearms like this except in active war! I have also witnessed Ontartio hydro vehicles being used in same area for their private pleasure while we pay horrendous charges.Maybe time to get off the grid as my nieghbors have done! Thanks Ken Huron Perth OLA

  3. Thomas K. Jones December 1, 2013

    My brother & I have been involved in development over the last forty years & are currently dealing with issues relating to development on the Oak Ridges Moraine as well as one landowner’s successful defines against a by-law infraction, motorized bikes on trails on his own property.

    My brother is currently before the OMB dealing with his property which we had resized for commercial purposes in 1986, was rezoned in 2001 by the Oak Ridges Moraine Act / Plan & deemed to be in the Oak Ridges Moraine Core Area with no development potential.

    We need some assistance in getting these injustices published.

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