Our Constitution, the “Crown” and Letters Patent by Tom Black

Published November 1, 2014

Tom BlackThe Landowners have taken our constitution (British North America Act of 1867) that included the rights laid down in the Magna Carta and through much research, have concluded that the folks who write our laws do a very good job of respecting the old contracts (the Patent Grants). But the people that take them to the next step, often don’t know or respect that law, and pass bylaws that are not applicable to private property.

Yes, we in the Landowners do stand on our private property rights and our right to use our property for our own enjoyment and profit, without restriction, except that we respect the equal rights of our neighbours. This fact, however, does not mean that we opt out of society. We all pay taxes to run our governments, to serve the greater community, with roads, schools, health, fire services, police and defense but that does not give away property rights. When our public officials take office they take an oath to the ‘crown’, that is, they take an oath to uphold the ‘honour of the crown, defend it with their lives and protect it from all who would tarnish or dishonour it in any way’. Politicians do not take an oath to a political party, police do not take an oath to a particular government, they make that oath to the crown. The ‘crown’ is not the king or queen. They are the sovereign and they take an oath called the “Coronation Oath” swearing to defend the crown. The crown is us. All the people of the land. Not the land. When we speak of ‘crown land’ we are talking about land kept in trust for the people of the country. This land does not belong to the government! The government does not own any land. They only manage the crown land, in trust for the people of the country.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in Ontario is the arm of government that is tasked with selling crown land to individuals. When they do, they do so by issuing a patent grant and on their own website under “Sale and Issuance of Letters Patent”, they state clearly (as of March 2014) that they retain no future options for the land and do not control use. Since a river can never rise higher than its source, neither can any piece of legislation rise higher than the constitution from which this country was created. As with the native treaties that were signed long before confederation, so too each Letters Patent that established the root of your deed, was an individual treaty with the crown and not on the table for negotiation at confederation.

Governments are incorporated entities, set up to manage the affairs and make rules for that incorporated body so as to limit liability, but private property is not part of the incorporation. We do business with corporations like Canadian Tire or Sears but we would never think of letting them write laws for us on our own property. Government corporations are no different, and in the eyes of the law, it states that corporations have no more power in law than an individual person. The only time the state can cross that private property line is in the case of criminal activity and only then, with a warrant.

I know these statements are very black and white, whereas in reality, the lines are often blurred, but we must strive to hold our representatives, the government, to the true intent of the law and not let them steal away those hard fought for rights by default just because we don’t know and understand what our rights are.

12 Responses to “Our Constitution, the “Crown” and Letters Patent by Tom Black”

  1. Adam February 12, 2017

    Michael is correct and claiming to be a Canadian means you are property that belongs to Canada. God did not form Canadian of the dust of the ground people. Lawyers created Canadian by the stroke of a pen. It is fiction. A legal person, personality.

  2. Michael Z November 8, 2014

    We all have our properties held in the Land Registry. Not one of you hold a deed is my bet.
    Because your property is held through the land registry the assumption of government is that a Person, a corporate fiction holds it, not a human being man or woman.
    A person has duties obligations and privileges, a human being has rights. A human being holds a deed.

  3. bill gallagher November 7, 2014

    hi your info is very enlightening, ihave my crown land patentdoes it have to be posted on my land thanks bill g

  4. Art November 2, 2014

    – We the people of the land select our representatives who swear an oath to the Crown as it represents the people of the land.
    – Our Crown Land Titleholder Patent is a two party agreement between an individual and all other peoples of the land defined as the Crown.
    – Our Government Official Representatives have never been authorized to rape, plunder and act as our Criminal Code describes a terrorist against any individual Canadian and their private lands
    – In appropriate Government Official Terrorist attack upon individual property titleholders, demands Crown Lawyers to act to hold our Government representatives, to the true intent of the law
    – Help us fight against flawed Government Officials actions that steal away our hard fought for rights
    On this November 11th at 11;00am remember what our forefathers sacrificed for our family freedoms
    Speak up and fight, ask for our eroded freedoms to be reinstated
    Our Private Property is the foundation of or life’s enjoyment and values

  5. janice November 1, 2014

    you guys don’t understand how contract law works and when they come onto your property and you bow to them you create a contract. Look..I’ve dealt with this issue many time via mail when someone has tried to contract with me. You open yourselves up to a whole can of worms if you don’t react properly. It’s a legal trap and it’s meant to trap you and perhaps take away everything you own if you don’t know how to react. Please, get hold of me and perhaps I can help you. Don’t call on lawyers who are often masons who are bent on taking away everything you own. Sorry masons but it’s true. I know how these scumbags work and they all work together for evil. give me a call anytime. 519 695-6739 I screen and record all calls so I can use it against the scumbags later. Do you have debt? Give me a call cause it’s all fraud, fraud, fraud.

  6. Thomas K. Jones November 1, 2014

    Tom, you hit the nail on the head when you made the point about “INTENT”. The Federal, Provincial, Municipal governments create Omnibus Bills & Legislation, Plans, Acts, Official Plans, By-laws which are all interpretations of the original “INTENT”.

    If we have any issues with the interpretation as it affects our use of our property, we either compromise by making a deal with the devil, appeal the decision to the OMB & if still not satisfied with the decision, we can go to court. “THEY HAVE THE POWER, CONTROL THE TIME FRAME AND THE BUDGET”

    I once saw a sign outside a funeral home which said “Day by day, you pass me by, but in the end I’ll get you” If you own land this same saying applies to the lawyers, consultants, planners, conservation authorities & by-law enforcement officers.

    They will always quote “IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST” their motivation for restricting the uses on private property.

  7. Linda Shaw November 1, 2014

    Keep up the good work Tom on getting the word out to property owners about their rights. More people need to pay attention to what is going on around them.

  8. Paul Hansen November 1, 2014

    Very well written article and I fully agree, but how does a poor landowner beat a buzzard with a fly swatter? Knowing your rights and trying to keep them is expensive, especially as you put it “the lines are often blurred”. What we landowners need is direction and/or a mechanism to tackle property rights at basic inexpensive levels. We need help obtaining basic legal skills to begin to tackle this giant. I want to fight but don’t want to be eaten.

  9. Ron Edelkoort November 1, 2014

    Very informative. Keep the facts as meant to be. Someone please tell our politicians. ( but would they listen)

  10. Len November 1, 2014

    Spot on Tom, it is time that Bureaucrats were pulled into line and along with the Non Government Organizations, at law they have to respect the rights of the Land Owner, or the Land Occupier who almost has the same rights to occupy the land they own/rent/lease in peace and harmony to the exclusion of all others.
    Interesting that the right to abide in peace and harmony to the exclusion of all others includes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 who also has to have the permission of the owner/occupier before she has the right to entre a property otherwise She also is tresspasing also.
    As the Sovereign has relinquished all rights, including the right to enter then an environmental officer or a person purporting to check on the animals on a property, being of less authority than the Sovereign certainly has absolutely no such right.
    Knowledge is power, but with rights also comes the responsability to live in harmony with thy neighbour.

  11. johnny November 1, 2014

    not to mention i tried talking to my fancy pants councilman n he dismissed me saying if its the law its the law but i no for a fact he has more than 1 on his property

    i also tried to bring a delegation 2 the council on the whole, at city hall but was denied an audience the director

    so i would apreciate any guidance u could give

  12. johnny November 1, 2014

    interesting noyion but the bylaw officers here in port hope would disagree, in fact an officer came 2 my residence n told me i had to get rid of all but 1 trailer rv or camper on my property, as obsurd as it sound i cant have a boat n trailer on my property?

    i tried to appeal the decision at the municipal level but was basically ignored n told to comply or they would remove at my expense n would not b liable for any damages.

    i then tried to appeal that decision to a the superior court level by was charged $300 dollars by a lawyer who told me i would need a retainer of $5000 n there were no gaurantees n fighting the government u cant recover costs if u win

    so its n ot a matter of right r wrong legal or just

    money talks n the government controls the money n courts so its the good ole boys club scenario

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