Do you want give up your right to be considered innocent until proven guilty?

Published April 25, 2015


This is the message from a Facebook page called POA-AMP Opposition Group, formed to organize and implement a plan to create effective opposition to the proposed Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). If you haven’t heard about it, you are not alone. The deadline to comment on this new system is April 28th, 2015. David Reevely, a journalist with the Ottawa Citizen, writes that “The Ontario government wants to save money and speed up the justice system by lowering the standards of proof needed to convict people of non-criminal offences and moving a lot of those cases out of courts.”

From the Facebook page:

“I don’t know how often you go on the Attorney General’s webpage so I’m going to suggest looking at the following link. The Attorney General is proposing a new way to handle provincial offences. At this point they are looking mostly at parking, idling, handicap space type infractions; however, they are looking at a phased approach so little by little they want to change the system.

I know, right now the system sucks…right? Well what is proposed is called the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) and it is being looked at for infractions of provincial statutes and municipal by-laws in Ontario. So what does that mean? Well, it means that a system is being looked into that will make things seem easier.

What it really means is that, as this is phased in, more and more of our rights will be taken away. The right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is removed from the equation. The only method of “fighting” the charge is through methods such as online. The only “fighting” you will be doing is with regard to the amount of the fine, which they will let you ‘dicker’ with the officer; however, if you are issued a ticket or fine or summons – you are guilty. So in other words, there is no ‘fight’.

A police officer, bylaw officer or citizen (citizen information/complaint) says you have done something – then that’s the end of it. You’ve done it.

Please take a few minutes, follow this link, read the information, and respond to the questions. The deadline for submissions is April 14, 2015. Don’t let your rights be taken away from you. Let them know that there are options besides taking away your rights. We have Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABC) and one option would be to set up a tribunal to deal with parking issues and minor offences. Make sure to let them know that is not acceptable to further this AMPS issue into areas above the $100.00 point. If this is changed, and you are ticketed in the amount of $375.00 for instance, there is no argument. You are guilty – you will pay.

Let them know that taking away our rights is not acceptable. After the public consultation, the process will move on to legal organizations. Don’t be afraid to let the legal organizations in Ontario that you do not find this acceptable.

Anyway, read the paper for yourself. It is an easy read. Answer the questions, add your own comments and fire it off (email). I urge you not to stand still on this issue.

11 Responses to “Do you want give up your right to be considered innocent until proven guilty?”

  1. Grace Joubarne June 2, 2015

    That’s what you have to love about Harper…he’s off somewhere telling other countries how to run a democracy, while right in his own backyard Wynne is eliminating every freedom and right we ever had…with not a wimper from the PM about it.

    Folks, as my Nazi-era survivor friend once told me, they made it politically incorrect to discuss Nazi actions and policies so that no one can see the similarities with what is happening today in Canada. But he guaranteed me, it all rolled out the same way in Nazi Germany…only the names have changed.

    You are seeing the wholesale destruction of our Canada, one law at a time. And yet, I’ve been told this is not Treason. People in the past were shot for less. Harper has had some 20 or more ‘secret’ meetings where he has sold Canada out from under us. Wynne is keeping pace nicely.

  2. Jeff May 8, 2015

    It’s past the deadline to respond, however I still sent an email saying that I think ALL forms of AMP’s should be made illegal in Ontario and Canada.

    They are a huge violation of our Charter Rights and should not be allowed.

  3. Gene Balfour April 29, 2015

    yup. “no- win” Wynne wants to save money by rolling the functions of judge, jury, enforce officer and tax collector into one job – the police officer. Time for all citizens to run and hide from every policeman in sight because ” to serve and protect” is becoming “to harass and fine unconditionally” . Shame to everyone who voted for this female version of Benito Mussolini.

  4. Jason April 28, 2015

    It is actually worse than we think. This “guilty cause we said so” mentality is being extended to other more serious, and potentially criminal, issues.

    Take a look Wynne’s new “action plan on sexual harassment and assault”. In her own words, she states that asking a “survivor” of sexual harassment to relive their trauma by having police question them, or forcing them to give testimony, or subjecting them to cross examination is “unfair” and should be done away with.

    Her plan has institutions where the people attend school or are employed (along with a new provincial labour task force) conduct the investigation, without interviewing the accused or the “survivor”. Their internal finding would then be passed to the courts for what she calls “Expedited Prosecution”.

    Even if the “survivor” says there was no harassment or assault, the “investigation” is to proceed based on third party complaints.

    Wynne says she is working with the Law Society of Upper Canada to implement this. Think of the absolute undermining of the law this represents. Theoretically, a person could be “found guilty” of assault and ordered to appear at court for sentencing only without ever knowing they were even accused; regardless if the person they are said to have assaulted says it never happened.

  5. Larry Nicols April 27, 2015

    This would make Orwell very proud, this is against our constitutional rights fought for by our fathers and mothers in the last war. Who the heck does she/ liberal party think they are,dictators!

  6. emmett godin April 27, 2015

    another way for the liberal gov. to collect more money unfortunately all protests in the world will not change this when in power this party will do what ever they want provincial or federal this should not become law

  7. Shirley Dolan April 27, 2015

    I had trouble getting my head around this one when it first came to my attention. The AG’s website does a good job of using language to convince people that this is a good thing – a way to speed up cases and improve the justice system.

    Traffic tickets are one thing but when there is the potential to expand into bylaw infractions, I find this system worrisome. If indeed the arbitrator is someone appointed by the municipality then there is a conflict of interest for those charged with a bylaw infraction.

    There is no mention of how cases would be handled for those that are not internet savvy or simply don’t have access to the internet.

    The other concern I have is the consultation process – how many people who may in future be affected by this new system, are aware it is being considered.

    The deadline to comment on this new system is April 28th, extended from April 14th.

  8. Robert Bouchard April 26, 2015

    Each year one form of government, is all ways trying to take something away. We must take a stand to fight for our rights. If not all the men, and women that fought for our freedom, and died, died for nothing.

  9. Linda Schmidt April 26, 2015

    Aside from the fact the AG’s report is written in such a way as to triumph the easy part – being able to deal with charges on-line, my concern is the questions are written so as to induce the answers the AG wants to receive. Please respond and state your mind – not simply respond to the questions.

    Provincial Offences regulates 30-40 different Acts and Statutes, and also
    > municipal bylaws.
    > Key points:
    > 1. You receive a ticket or summons from a bylaw or police officer, you
    > are guilty.
    > 2. The amount of the monetary penalty might be negotiable.
    > 3. If there are demerit points attached or licence suspension – not
    > negotiable.
    > 4. One ticket could cause your insurance rates to go up by 1/2, or could
    > double.
    > 5. The system will be entirely managed by the municipality.
    > 6. The hearing/screening officer will be a municipal employee, not sure
    > of the training standards yet.
    > 7. The province is looking at this for fines up to $1,000.
    > 8. The provincial offences courts will disappear for all but charges with
    > a possible jail term attached.
    > One’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty – gone.
    > One’s right to defend and make full answer – gone.

  10. Dee S April 26, 2015

    Take away our right to be considered innocent until proven guilty? That is just wrong!

  11. rickey April 26, 2015

    I believe this will be a big mistake. I feel it will be taking away my rights , not everyone is guilty when they receive tickets this has been proving many times when tickets get thrown out out the person wins at trial.

    I am telling all my friends fight this and speak up for your rights

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