Doctors speak out against Ontario Government Recent Cuts

Published December 1, 2015

Dr. Stephen Grodinsky, former chair of the pediatric section on the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), is calling on the people of Ontario to demand that the Ontario government respect their care and the doctors who want to provide it. Doctors, who do not have a powerful union to protect them, have had their salaries reduced twice this year. As a result, the OMA has launched a charter challenge against the provincial government.

According to the OMA, 927,000 patients in Ontario do not have a family physician, 132,000 of these are children. Will the government’s policy of reducing fees for doctors exacerbate this situation? You can read Dr. Grodinsky’s article at, more on the OMA’s charter challenge at, and the OMA’s article on doctor shortages in Ontario at

3 Responses to “Doctors speak out against Ontario Government Recent Cuts”

  1. Nancy Moisan December 4, 2015

    I saw a program where the doctors spoke out and said they have been given a quota, if they pass the quota, subsequent patient visits are on their dime, OHIP does not cover the cost. Some clinics, doctors’ offices have a postcard type of form that people can mail, just need to sign. Where are our $ going, Ontario pays the highest taxes yet money goes elsewhere, cuts at all levels, hydro lines not maintained, even with the highest cost of hydro in the country. Something is sincerely wrong with this government, when Auditor General points out 93 acts that are basically fraud, and nothing is done, I don’t get it.

  2. Matthew Grodinsky December 1, 2015

    I guess I am a little biased since Dr. Grodinsky is my father but the main issue raised by the article is the governments unfair treatment of doctors over salary negotiations as doctors do not have any recourse with the government. Doctors in this province are negotiating with both hands tied behind their backs and the government is taking advantage of this by attacking them at will by accusing doctors of being greedy and too rich. Most farmers and small business owners know that gross billings does not equal take home pay as expenses continue to rise. Doctors in this province are willing to sacrifice for the greater financial good however they are not willing to shoulder all of that burden.

  3. John Schilbe December 1, 2015

    Let’s be careful with this one. Doctors are compensated when they perform a procedure at a set price. Over time some of the procedures can be performed more efficiently i.e. taking less time by the Doctors. In competitive industry the company who first develops a new technique gets the benefit until their competition either adopts or develops new methods themselves and through competition the consumer eventually gets the benefit. With Doctors the efficiency gains only come to the consumer when the Government recognizes the benefit and lowers the compensation for the procedure.

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