Every Step Taken Makes a Difference by Tom DeWeese

Published January 1, 2017
Tom Deweese

Tom Deweese

The following is a newsletter from the President of the American Policy Centre http://americanpolicy.org . Mr. DeWeese was one of the guest speakers at the OLA International Property Rights Conference in October 2014.

I founded the American Policy Center (APC) thirty years ago, back in 1986. I had goals to accomplish and dreams for success. Mostly I just wanted to make a difference in protecting our culture and our unique American form of government as a republic that protects the individual, the free market and the security of our homes.

Over the years, I’ve focused on issues including personal privacy, illegal immigration, public education, and of course the assault on our very way of life through the UN’s creation of Agenda 21. I know that APC has had an impact on these issues. But I never really knew just how to measure our reach or success. Have I been able to make the difference I had hoped for? Have I changed lives? Well, over the past few weeks I was finally able to get an idea of my reach and it came in several very surprising ways.

As the results came in that Donald Trump had won his surprise victory to the White House, I saw that, finally, we had a definite opportunity to make a real difference. Finally, we could change the national direction that has been barreling unchecked toward a federal dictatorship. It was equally crystal clear that, as with the Obama Administration, under a Hillary Clinton administration there would have been no hope of affecting presidential policy.

So, my first reaction to the Trump victory was to help get the right people into positions in the Administration where they could affect policy. I quickly sent out an APC Sledgehammer Action Alert asking supporters across the nation to write to the Trump team in support of two very able local officials. I nominated one to serve in the EPA and the other to serve as Secretary of HUD. I felt nothing was more important than to have these two agencies run by people who would stop the assault on private property and industry. In fact, I believe that if that was the only accomplishment of a Donald Trump presidency then that would be enough to assure a strong future for our nation.

To my surprise, after issuing the alert, I received many emails from supporters telling me they had sent in my name to be HUD Secretary. That was very unexpected. It’s a heady feeling to know people have such respect for you. Of course, Ben Carson is now up for the job. But this was only the beginning of what was to come.

Next, a very powerful political leader from South Carolina contacted me to say he had offered my name to the Trump team for a position in the Department of Interior. Wow, I thought, I had never even considered such a thing. Yet, wouldn’t it be great for them to appoint me as head of the BLM. I’d free the Bundys from jail. I’d begin a process to give lands back to the states and open even more areas that has been locked away from human use. Yes, that would be interesting. I then posted this news on Facebook and was overwhelmed by the number of comments I received by very excited people who certainly wanted to see me in such a position.

Just a few of days later I was to receive the biggest shock of all. Richard Viguerie—the long time Conservative leader and Washington, DC icon—posted an article in his daily online report “Conservative HQ,” listing what new HUD Secretary Carson would need to succeed in that post. As I read the article my head almost blew off. It proposed three people Carson should add to his team. My name was included on that very short, impressive list. Said the report: “Mr. DeWeese has been a fierce opponent of HUD’s overreach and perhaps more than anyone has been able to capture the emotional impact Americans feel when they are deprived of their property rights by AFFH and other HUD overreaches.” Mr. Viguerie’s HQ Report is read by approximately 100,000 people, many of them are major Conservatives and political leaders from around the nation. To be recognized by such a powerhouse is certainly an honor.

My heady couple of weeks in the sun was about to get even better as I was invited to attend a special Climate Change briefing sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), to be held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building hearing room on Capitol Hill. CEI heads up a group called the Cooler Heads Coalition, which is made up of groups and policy makers working to expose the global warming scam and fight policy to enforce it.

There were three speakers for the event, including Dr. Timothy Ball, a Canadian. He is an author of several books exposing the global warming hype. The featured speaker for the briefing was recently elected Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts. He has caused quite a stir in the Australian government as he has already established himself as an aggressive opponent to that country’s climate change policies.

I had never met or corresponded with either of these men. While I was talking to a few folks by the hearing room, a man walked up to me and in his Australian accent said, “You’re Tom DeWeese, aren’t you?” It was Senator Roberts. Somehow he recognized me and complimented my “outstanding work.” He said he had been reading my materials for years.

As the program opened, Dr. Ball began to speak, using his power point presentation. To my surprise he brought up a slide depicting the United Nation’s power structure clearly showing Agenda 21 as the center of the plans to enforce climate change policy and bring on global governance.

The reason that was such a surprise to me was the fact that, in the 20 years I have lead the fight against Agenda 21, I have been ignored and stonewalled by many leading conservative groups as they refused to even utter the words Agenda 21. Now, here in a Senate hearing room was a man they respected and had come to absorb his wisdom. And what was he saying? Exactly the message I had been trying to get them to hear all these years. After the program, I went up to thank Dr. Ball to talk about Agenda 21. I mentioned my struggle to reach some of these folks about Agenda 21. He said he understood. He said he didn’t believe the dire warnings about Agenda 21 at first either. Then he started to read my articles and that had led him to the truth. He said he knew my work well.

Next up was Senator Roberts to address the group. He was magnificent in his presentation. He hit all the right points on the global warming farce, backed by a genuine passion for the fight to stop it. But my biggest shock was about to be dropped on me. As he spoke, making his points, he suddenly said my name. In fact, not once, but three times! He told the crowd about how I was a leader in the fight, producing effective and important materials. To understand the significance of that fact, you must know the culture of Capitol Hill. When someone of influence and respect, like Senator Roberts, starts pointing out your achievements, not once, but three times, it gets noticed! And it certainly was that day. Suddenly, after the program a lot of people wanted to say hello to me.

I tell these stories not to toot my horn, but to make a specific point. These two weeks of activity, being endorsed to serve in the new administration and recognized by strong leaders was vindication for the reach and impact that I and the American Policy Center have made. The excitement of so many supporters to accept that I might have an influence from inside the Trump Administration is a testament to APC’s never wavering battle to get the truth out. Senator Robert’s remarks simply confirmed to me that APC clearly has an international reach and is making a difference in world wide policy. It certainly tells me that the fight thus far has been worth it. People are listening to APC and me. Now, with this new administration we really do have a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore our precious Republic and stamp out the growing tyranny that has threatened it.

There is another lesson in this for all the local activists who work so hard in their own communities; those who sometimes get discouraged because they don’t win the fight. Please learn this truth – what you do has an impact, no matter how insignificant you think your efforts may be. Writing a letter to the editor or speaking out in a meeting just might be the spark that moves someone else to take major steps forward, like a random article that moves a future Senator in Australia to lead the effort to change his nation’s policy.

I don’t know if I will get a position in this Administration. To tell you the truth, all I want is an open line into some of the agencies I have been fighting all these years, especially HUD. If I can become a resource of ideas to Secretary Carson I couldn’t ask for more. I shall pursue that opportunity to make it reality.

However, all of us on the front lines in the battle to preserve property rights and stop government tyranny must recognize one vital fact. A Trump presidency will not solve these problems for us. We must continue to be in the trenches fighting. If this election has proven anything to us, it’s that those who have had power will stop at nothing to keep it. If we now go home and think all is solved, nothing will change.

Those Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and planning groups operating in every community in the nation are not going to give up their power and influence – and the money that goes with it. We are going to have to fight trench warfare to boot them out and restore local control over government. We must fight in the grass roots to force the federal government to act against these runaway agencies. We must teach elected officials of the dangers and how to stand up against such policy. And we must organize local activists to back them up when they do take a courageous stand.

That is the mission of the American Policy Center in this new Era of Trump.

4 Responses to “Every Step Taken Makes a Difference by Tom DeWeese”

  1. I.P.A. Manning January 9, 2017

    Bearing in mind that DeWeese is a PR man and not a scientist and that he is held in high regard by the OLA, does this mean that the OLA is similarly in climate change denial?

  2. I.P.A. Manning January 8, 2017

    Having just wandered into the room, intent on understanding what the Landowners Association stands for, I hear the trumpeting of an elephant by the window, look up, and see the waving far-right wing trunk of the anti-climate change, anti-environment, UN-EXITEER, anti- AGENDA 21, anti- the public commons DeWeese; an immodest fellow in search of a top post with Trump himself. Goodness! And here I was pleased to wander into a room where people were politely objecting to excessive government and municipal officialdom.

    Dear Grace, good old Tom is not the answer to your and our problem. His agenda is very different from ours. The fact is that the climate catastrophe is a horrible reality, as is the level of bureaucracy which impinges on our freedom and democracy – the country unrecognisable from the Canada I left 34 years ago. Given our severely flawed and broken capitalist system where politicians, in thrall to the one-percenters, and in the absence of a signed political covenant with the electorate, soon forget their campaign promises, it is essential that the Association remain a sane voice for a more cooperative future: Sommer’s networking capability is part of the change we need to make, and Government and municipality imposed wind turbines in defiance of EIAs, and severe restrictions on small and mobile housing must be fought tooth and nail.

  3. Sommer January 4, 2017

    The term ‘push back’ is extremely important here. People need to know how to network in rural communities, how to educate one another effectively and mobilize quickly. Computers make this possible.
    The industrial wind turbine incursion on non consenting residents of rural Ontario has given communities lots of experience with how crucial ‘push back’ is on this agenda to ‘mine’ the wind and in so doing, harm absolutely innocent in their homes. These people are being impacted by noise and low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation. Not only were they non consenting,but they were misinformed about the potential for harm.
    Our Municipal Councillors throughout the province should have networked rapidly and gone to Queen’s Park to ‘push back’ on our behalf, but many were leaseholders or interested in the vibrancy funds being offered by wind companies. Some were just pathetically convinced of their powerlessness.

  4. Grace Joubarne January 1, 2017

    Love Tom! I had always felt there was something deeply wrong going on in Ontario, but it was not until I heard Tom explain the last ‘dot’ that it all made complete sense. Bless his heart and spirit!

    Sometimes it is not for lack of passion or dedication to our democracy that we are not being effective in protecting our rights as individuals, but a lack of information. Of course, that is the way the globalist work…keep us uninformed until it is too late.

    The most uninformed bunch has to be lawyers. The young lawyers coming out of law school today pretty much refuse to believe that the Constitution is suppose to mean something. Invariably they will defer to the most recent By-law or legislation as the final word on any matter…and in the process cut off any possibility that an individual will succeed in protecting their rights. It has only gotten worse since Tribunals started to be the last word in just about everything.

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