Exciting News Regarding Property Rights In Ontario by Tom Black

Published March 1, 2017

Tome Black

Today I would like to bring you some exciting news regarding Property Rights in this province.

In the fall of 2015, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, MPP Patrick Brown asked MPP Jack MacLaren to form a Blue Ribbon Panel on Property Rights (BRPPR). A group of individuals with knowledge and interest in property rights headed up the panel. They have been working since that time and are now ready to get input from the leadership of various stakeholder groups, property owners and concerned citizens on the value of, and issues surrounding, Property Rights in Ontario.

The consultation process will begin in March 2017, with a schedule for the meetings now being drafted. There is a website set up, www.YourPropertyRights.ca where the meeting times and places will be available.

If you belong to the Ontario Landowners Association, please inform your members, your neighbours and family and friends about these meetings and urge anyone interested, to get out and have some input into this process. These meetings are open to all members of the public and we encourage anyone with an opinion to come out and help this Blue Ribbon Panel on Property Rights glean a wide cross-section of constructive advice that can then be included in the PC Policy platform at the Convention.

The policy convention dates are November 25-26, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road, Etobicoke. For more information http://www.ontariopc.com/Events?smonth=11&syear=2017.

Thank you.
Tom Black

7 Responses to “Exciting News Regarding Property Rights In Ontario by Tom Black”

  1. Clive Henderson May 7, 2017

    I have been in a battle with the MNR for 3 years. Short version: They came onto my property 2 days before turkey season because a lot of people like to get a head start (according to their statement of defence). A judge issued a summons to the conservation officer for my private prosecution for trespass but of course the Crown Attorney swooped in and took over the case and dropped it. I proceeded with a civil action for trespass, intrusion upon seclusion etc.. Went to mandatory settlement court where they asked the judge to dismiss on the basis that they have statutory authority to come on my property. Judge advised them to settle as they may run into a judge similar to himself at trial who believes they are trespassing. Now I am heading to motions court in July where they are again asking for the case to be dismissed. All I asked for initially was a letter of opology for trespassing on my clearly posted property. I believe their strategy is to keep going until I run out of money or die. They have nothing to lose and are fully funded with tax dollars. I would be interested in pursuing this all the way but I think I will drop it after they are denied their motion. If I were to win at trial; that would allow them to go with the bankrupt Cliver strategy.

  2. Giuseppe (Joe) Giuliana March 19, 2017

    “We have Laws – good laws – that were created since the birth of this country….. These laws are still in effect today but they are buried and hidden under tons of new legislation that has been created with new verbiage that diminishes or obfuscates the true intent of the original law.” pg.5 Blue Ribbon Panel on Property Rights, January 23, 2017.
    In my opinion the best way to reaffirm and protect our Granted/Letters Patent Private Property Rights is to immediately put on notice the Province of Ontario Government and their Regional and Municipal Governments that we the private property Landowners of Ontario will initiate a class-action lawsuit up to the Supreme Court of Canada.
    To this end I pledge to contribute up to $1000.00 for my fair share of the necessary legal expenses.

    P.S. I would recommend everyone read “Property Rights 101 An Introduction” by E.F. Marshall.

  3. jake kobak March 17, 2017

    Can anyone tell me in absolute terms, what is the one true single way to assert and once and for all, attain piece of lasting legislation that will protect our property and our rights as individuals?

    thank you

  4. Steve Ilievski March 1, 2017

    Property is a very meaningful word in “Law” Learn the difference between Common Law and Maritime Law. They are different. Common law is the law of the land, while Maritime law is the law of the Corporation. The federal government and all other governments in the country are corporations. So are the courts. In fact everything in this country, or any country in the world is a corporation. A man or a woman is not a corporation. A corporation is called a person, but can never be called a man or woman. Everything we own is our property, and unless another man or woman brings a claim against us that we have caused them harm, they have no claim against us. See Carl Lentz on YouTube. Also visit or Google Anna Von Reitz to learn more on Common Law. Common law is the “Key” we just have to use it.

  5. Grace Joubarne March 1, 2017

    I’m pretty sure that most people will see that this is yet another PC double cross. It was not that long ago that Tom was writing about the last betrayal.

    When Jack MacLaren tried to have a Bill passed, Brown and Wynne told their MPPs to stay away and they did! except for 3 in his own party who voted against him — really folks, how much dirt must be thrown in our faces before we say enough and look at building options?

    Extremely hard-working people are getting talked into using what energy and money they have left to do this panel for the PCs and it will make the PCs look as though they plan to do something meaningful…and the PCs will not put a cent into any of it before or after the election. People will hope, vote for the PC and then kicked to the curb yet again.

    Guaranteed, nothing will change whatever if the PCs get in…they could have done all this when they were in there, but instead, the PCs forced amalgamation on everyone, which has now resulted in the death of the rural community. What short memories we have.

    PCs have pushed out most of the candidates who would have demanded real change for their people…wouldn’t let them run for candidacy. That’s because these agendas roll out over decades and it is not one leader that is going to change the deep-set agenda of a party. If this happens to their own, what do you think will happen to the people on this Panel when the PCs are done with them?

    The Cap and Trade, the Clean Energy Act and the College of Trade issues are all part of property ownership nightmares…PCs are adamant supporters of Cap and Trade, Wind Turbines, etc. So you might fix one little issue, but the rest will still work to destroy all private property owners because that is the decades-old agenda of the Party.

    That is why some of us started the United Party of Ontario…there needs to be a grassroots political revolution. A Party must be in power whose ONLY agenda is the enforcement of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the People as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Rights and Freedoms through the International Covenants (Law) ratified by the Canadian Government in 1976 and codified in the Constitution of 1982 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The solution is all there folks…we were just looking in the wrong direction. Now we have had researchers in this look at it from another angle and the solution is a lot easier than you think…there just has to be political will and you are not going to change the will of the mainstream parties whose very agenda is to keep you in the dark and stuck.

    While the provincial government has put up huge barriers to discourage new political parties, it has given all main parties another $10 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies…they don’t have to raise money. And she severely reduced contribution limits.

    I have spent over $200,000 in my life savings to fight the City of Belleville that has been trying to steal my property. 5 lawyers have taken me for a real ride, making sure they milk this for all it is worth.

    I have my Crown Patents, I have my title search and the lawyers knew all along that the issue is not what we think it is…the issue is a legislative slight of hand that puts the Municipality in the driver’s seat. Even the Official Plan is invalid if you know what the legislative trick is that makes you think it is valid…so dignifying it by trying to cause changes and amendments is only playing into their hands. They give you a little to keep you on the wrong trail.

    And that is why most knowledgeable lawyers will tell you upfront that the Crown Patents will not help you…because you are not absolute owner of your property, no matter what you’ve been told.

    Thus the more you work with political parties who put us in this position in the first place, the more you will be looking in the wrong direction and things can only get worse for everyone.

    The ONLY way to fix this fast, and inexpensively for ALL people is to get a new Party into power that will clean up, not just the property rights issues, but all issues suffered by the population, including education and healthcare. The property issues are all part of a huge web…no issue is isolated as many seem to think.

    Simple legislative change will fix all issues, but the leaderships of all main parties know this, as do all the lawyers and they will never agree to make the legislative changes necessary because then they lose their power over us.

    If you are interested in hearing about a real grassroots alternative, please contact me at info@UPOntario.com or call me at 613-422-7027.

    Please consider helping us meet the 1000 endorsement signatures needed for us to clear one of the absurd Elections Ontario hurdles. We cannot have web presence until we have this.

    There is NO fee, NO commitment…you are just helping yourselves to build an option to the political quagmire. We have only 15 months to do this, but it can be done. REALLY great people and experts are helping with this so please consider hedging your bet and helping those who live among you, not above you.

    If you want to step out a bit and try something different, please download this form, sign it and send the original form to the address at the bottom of the sheet. Helping to build YOUR own party will cause changes;

    http://media.campaigner.com/media/45/455530/Form%20P-4%20FINALwithname%20added.pdf Petition Form

    Thank you for considering that a meaningful political option is the only way.

  6. Mark Breckon March 1, 2017

    The Blue Ribbon Panel has now entered it’s consultation phase and has started to execute Town Hall meetings across the province. Yes this initiative is under the banner of the Ontario PC Party, however the invitees / target audience is open to all Ontarians (Gov. Org, NGOs, cultural associations, forestry folks, trail groups, snowmobile groups and on – no restrictions). Our mandate is to get input from as many folks in Ontario as we can by May 15. This input will then be used to propose Policy for the upcoming ON PC Party Policy Convention this November.

  7. Art Jefford March 1, 2017

    This is definitely a step forward, but would be better if it was not just “A PC Event” … Perhaps an Open Similar event same time same location would generate a greater response and impact toward developmental awareness for all people on the concerns on Property Rights … What do U Think?

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