FARMSMART University of Guelph Seminar

Published February 1, 2014

By Liz Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall

Recently, I was asked by OMAFRA to co-speak at the Farmsmart Seminar on January 18th, 2014 with Professor Glenn Fox in regards to the Letters Patent and property rights, which are protected by the Canadian constitution. Professor Fox has been studying the land/property rights movement in Ontario, and is especially concerned about agricultural property rights. He has listed some 10 to15 separate property rights protection groups, but he mentioned that a number of them have fallen by the wayside. He seems very interested in the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) and has been following this movement for a few years now. He is also quite interested in how the OLA has added to its methods of property rights protection.

He expressed, in his presentation, that this movement of environmental protection may be merely a rouse to shift land wealth from the rural/agricultural community to the urban community. He gave the example of the Niagara Escarpment Plan and how, in 1973-74, it was estimated that it would cost the provincial government 3 billion dollars to acquire all of the private property within the plan, for the NEC to regulate it. Government expressed that these costs were too steep and so government, through indirect means, are merely taking the land by means of regulation. He knows there must be fair compensation if any land/property rights are being taken for a curious “public good”. His power point presentation lasted approximately 15 minutes with a lead in to my presentation. His final slide from his power point was the question of the Letters Patent.

Prior to the seminar a gentleman approached me to thank me for the letters I had been sending into the Ontario Farmer newspaper. He expressed that the agricultural community wouldn’t have this information, by any means, if I hadn’t been doing this. This gentleman was one of about 60 to 80 people in attendance. This was a good show of interest as we were competing with a number of other seminars for the attention of the farming community.

After doing a 15 minute presentation each, Professor Fox and I opened the floor to questions. There were a number of interested participants asking how to join the OLA, where could one obtain their Letters Patent, etc. There was also considerable interest in the Landowner Magazine; copies were supplied as handouts.

With the magazine was a 17-page handout for the participants, which Professor Fox and I had co-written. It contained a brief history of the Letters Patent, how important they are, a survey obtained where a “flood area” had been reserved, and basic information. There were also a number of participants taking notes. This showed the interest and the need for the agricultural community to know and understand their rights.

All in all, in my opinion, the FARMSMART seminar, on private property rights, was a great success, based on the amount of questions and the interest of the attendees. The organizers also expressed that they thought it was a success and that this topic, for the future conferences, may continue.

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  1. pickapebble February 5, 2014

    Oak Ridges Moraine ) stretches 160 kilometres from the Trent River in the east to the Niagara Escarpment in the west, crossing 32 municipalities and varying in width from three to 23 km with a total area of 195,000 hectares, 90% of which is in private ownership. The Oak Ridges Moraine Act legislation was passed in 2001& put all of the property owners in the same position & facilitated the Ontario Governments ability to take land by means of legislation. Members of the OLA should be concerned because the next move will be to extend the so called “SMART GROWTH” to the Quebec border.

  2. Grace Joubarne February 1, 2014

    Incredible research and great work Liz … without your input and ability to articulate, I fear property owners would be in big trouble already.

    I do feel that all small groups must start working together, as one big coalition. When a law or behavior needs to be protested and changed, a large coalition of many groups can be far more effective than small pockets of dissent. For example, Canada is being attacked on many fronts, fluoridation, biotech takeover of the agricultural sector and food supply, chemtrail spraying of the skies that is decimating non-GMO crops and causing permanent dimming of sunshine and so on. Each of these abuses are fought by small groups of people, but if a coalition of these small groups were formed, the protests would be heard much louder and would be more effective. There is power in numbers.

    Much of what is happening to Canada falls under the definition of Treason (as confirmed by Paul Helleyer, former Deputy Prime Minister under Trudeau) because our country is being put in a position of being completely taken over by the likes of conservation authorities (fronts for the elite) and corporations such as Monsanto. None of these tyrants have had any hand in building this country…only in raping and pillaging, just as they’ve done in so many other countries.

    I believe that we need a Coalition Against Treason, where governmental decisions to allow things to happen in Canada, to Canadians, such as the entry into Canadian airspace by jets dumping megatons of aluminum, cadmium, microplastics and so on to make us ill can be stopped by a demand for charges of treason — while the Rule of Law still has some effect in Canada.

    A 79 year old Canadian woman was charged and convicted of not completing her census form because her private information would be sent to Lockheed Martin, a US defence contractor…if this doesn’t send a chill down your spine, nothing will.

    • DEREK JOHANNESSEN September 4, 2014

      You hit the nail right on the head. So many Canadians are unaware of the real issues facing us. You mentioned several points were most would call you crazy , don’t forget to add Agenda 21 from the U.N. Our Mayors are taking free trips to China to sell of our land. Politicians are being Treasonous, end of story. Selling out the best interests of our Canada to line their own pockets. Nice comment, but the majority need to wake up.
      Don’t know if the World Court in Belgium could help us. They seem to be the only courts which have not sold their souls.

  3. Karen Mahon February 1, 2014

    Listen to what Elizabeth Marshall has researched and and brought forward for your information an awareness. Learn about Crown Letters Patent – pass what you have learned on to your extended family, neighbours, community. Get your original Crown Deed (Letters Patent). Go to Service Ontario and see how that property, fee simple has been transferred from the original document to today. Find out what burdens if any are on your property. Learn about easements, land trusts and find out how others if any have a registered interest in your land. The government is creating legislation to slowly take your rights away. You must be aware of your property rights. Thanks to Elizabeth Marshall and all her selfless efforts you can prepare yourself, take control of your rights and stop illegal action on your land.

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