Freedom! What does that mean to you? Private Property! What does that mean to you?

Published September 1, 2013

Message from Tom Black, OLA President

These are questions that most of us don’t ask here in this great white north, strong and free. Part of the reason that we are so complacent, is because, we in this generation have never really had any worries about our freedom. This country has never had a serious threat from outside of our borders, though we all felt the horror when the towers fell on 9/11 and the resulting panic removed many of our freedoms to travel.

The FLQ uprising was very real and worrisome but Canadians for the most part, did not feel threatened. Why at this time, do we start to question the loss of freedom?

While we were sleeping our society took a serious turn to the left. With that kind of swing, people start looking for government to do everything for them. Of course, to have government do that, we must give up a few freedoms here and there, but what the heck, look what we get in return. We’ve got the Human Rights Commission to protect us from someone calling us names. We’ve got the CRTC to keep Lowell Green from insulting us on his radio talk show, health inspectors making sure that we don’t smoke cigarettes, drink fresh milk, or eat ungraded eggs. I know some of these things seem like a reasonable thing to do, since most people don’t have enough common sense to decide what they should censor for themselves. The question is: who is sitting in those ivory towers deciding what the great unwashed can, or cannot do?

Now the latest “chip off the freedom block” is the Ontario Provincial Police lobbying municipalities to pass an “anti-fortification” bylaw sometimes called the “anti-bunker” bylaw. Communities all over Ontario are having this proposed at local councils. The police want more power to enter private properties that have installed gates or walls that may represent a barrier to police forces. Watch-tower type of structures are a no-no, so hunters with tree stands may well be the target of this bylaw. Farms with heavy gates for large animals, or high fences to keep noisy neighbours from looking, would become illegal. And oh yes, what about barbed wire and electrified fencing that is so common in the rural areas.
All this to protect us from potential drug lords or biker gangs. So instead of dealing with the problem, as in the criminals, the police would instead ask lawmakers to remove the rights of everyone else in society to make us equal to the criminals. Not unlike the gun registry, this law is aimed directly at law abiding citizens.

Obviously the police are able to call in any amount of armament to remove real criminals when necessary, and even the army if more fire power is needed. Therefore this is just another ploy to remove property rights. I have great respect for our police forces and the work that they do to protect us, but if this is allowed to continue, the final result will be a police state.

The sad commentary on our society is that some municipalities have already passed this anti-fortification bylaw without a thought given to the freedoms that they are giving up on our behalf.

6 Responses to “Freedom! What does that mean to you? Private Property! What does that mean to you?”

  1. brent September 6, 2013

    I’ve never seen crazy displayed so nicely in writing!


  2. "Art Jefford" September 3, 2013

    Will YOU Make at Least a Phone Call or Write for Freedom?
    Canadian Lost Freedom Is Greater Than Ever Before
    and This Unexpectedly Horrifying Freedom and Rights Threat
    Is being Stolen from us by our Canadian Government Officials
    My Canadian Government Officials trespassed on ALL MY PERSONAL AND PRIVATE AND PROPERTY RIGHTS to My Her Majesty The Queens Granted Crown Landowners Patent #525 Private Property, breaching my Canadian Charter and Constitution Guaranteed Freedoms
    Canadian Government Officials in Their Nazi Like rape and plunder of my families lives in a shattered Canadian perceived fair and just society, where we are all to be treated equally. Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper Conservative Government that says Our Government mandate is all about the economy and economic well being of Canadians
    My Canadian Government Officials have caused my Grandfather Leslie Arthur Jefford listed in the Canadian VIMY Memorial in France one of many Canadians who gave their lives for Canadians and his families Freedom to cry out with his Grandson Arthur Leslie Jefford Today
    My Canadian Government Officials in their consistent eating away at my Freedom did;
    On August 14-21, 2012
    My Government Took Away My Canadian Freedoms
    (and respectfully if this was done to one and all we would have no world economy just anarchy)
    My Canadian Government Officials Took the following from My Family; tied us up in Government red tape prohibiting us from enjoying our lives on our private property, and when we objected and asked for our day in Court.
    The Canadian Government Officials asked the Court to deny us the right to defend ourselves and we were ordered out of the Court Room so that we could be tried in abstensia as now there was no one present for the Defence.
    The Canadian Government Officials under the protective watchful eye of their Gestapo like Ontario Provincial Police then destroyed and removed our residential and every other non residential buildings, all of our contained belongings off our property; disconnected our hydro, removed our sustenance, fridge, freezer, stove, cooking, eating utensils, and food; ripped out our plumbing water service, and denied us Municipal water; built a road with out expropriation across our property, to removed our business vehicles, private auto and pleasure boats from our beach and even out of the water; took our winter warmth gas furnace, wood stove, and neatly stacked burnable wood; Took our gravel, concrete, pavement, top soil, grass , and scraped the property bare. We lost our employment, jobs, economic well being and the stress lead to depression and serious personal health hazard with high blood pressure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Permanent Disability, Our lives have been shortened, murdered just not dead yet; and now they have charged all their costs to do this to our property taxes so they can ship us out of sight just like the Nazi’s did to the Undesirables that led to our forefathers laying down their very lives to preserve FREEDOM in WW1, and WW11
    All our other Government Officials (MP’s, MPP’s, Senators), and Most Other Canadians have been instilled with fear to even speak up against the loss of freedom to one in case they could be next just like in WW11 Germany fear of the Nazi’s Police and Gestapo
    Okay Canadians if you disagree with this treatment
    We need your HELP to
    “stand on guard for thee”(CANADIAN FREEDOM)
    SING IT and make a call to your Government Officials
    Make Your call for Freedom to your Government Officials,
    Object to our Government Officials violation of our Freedom

    Art Jefford Property at
    113 Main Street, Sundridge, P0A1Z0
    see Ontario Landowners Magazine Article “Scraped Bare”
    “Arthur Leslie Jefford”

  3. Jack Faught September 2, 2013

    hard to imagine why property rights in the constitution, or even the trudeau Charter is a bad thing.
    There is not a court or judge in the country that relates any judgement to the Magna Carta. On occasion they do abide by the constitution or the trudeau Charter.

  4. Greg Mount September 1, 2013

    Agree with Grace – if property rights are put in the constitution they can be removed. We have to try to fight the chipping away at our freedom of speech & property rights by the Progressives in all parties.

  5. Grace Joubarne September 1, 2013

    Our property rights came with the Magna Carta and our Crown Patents. The constitution already has all it needs…all we need to do is get off our butts and demand that our freedoms under the constitution and the charter of rights be honored. This police state behavior is all due to the UN Agenda 21 policy. The sooner we divorce the UN, the sooner Canada can be called free. The idea is to take over all properties. The UN (aka the elite) feel no private property ownership should be permitted in a One World Order (except for them). So Ted Turner is now the biggest landowner in the US, perhaps in the world. Through slick confiscations made to look like ‘protection of the environment’ he has acquired all sorts of land that use to belong to decent folks like all of us.

    People have to wake up and turn off the TV. We are being enslaved one little regulation at a time. EVERY regulation benefits the tyrant, never the slave.

  6. Jack Faught September 1, 2013

    the constitution should be amended to include property rights. Which includes firearms.
    Under the current law it is a criminal offense to possess a firearm without a license from the gov’t.
    Under the liberals approx seven million Canadians were criminalized for not registering their firearm.
    The Conservatives got rid of the registry but now register people.
    There are approx five million Canadians who do not have a license for their firearms so are Criminals according to the Firearm Act.
    Your neighbour if you live in a rural area is likely a Criminal.

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