Freeman of the Land versus the Ontario Landowners Association By Tom Black

Published April 1, 2017

Tom Black

Over the years since the landowners started in Ontario, we have been approached by folks from many different groups and with different philosophies. Some question the laws that we create to help people live in a society that respects the individual rights of people and their property. In this country, the rules are designed by citizens, approved by citizens and enforced by courts and police that were established by citizens. This is a democracy and that gives us the ability to remove those who fail to live up to our expectations.

The folks from the Man of the Land persuasion do not believe in the law of the land. They believe that they are above the law. They do not want to pay taxes to pay for services such as roads, hospitals, snow removal, firefighters or even armies to protect us. They opt out of society and have no allegiance to the country.

The folks from the Ontario Landowners Association are the exact opposite. We believe in law and order. We believe the individual rights of a person are above the rights of the ‘collective will’ and that if every single person’s rights are protected, then everyone’s rights are protected. We believe in good government that respects peoples’ rights and freedoms and ensures that the poor and frail have the same equal protection under the law as the rich and strong have. We believe that no one should be discriminated against, no matter their religion, gender, colour, heritage or age. We also believe that the government we pay to serve us, must always follow the law. That law was created to protect our property rights and personal freedoms by those who gave their lives so that we could continue as a free nation. The torch is now in our hands and we better not drop it and fail. We must hold our employees in the government to account and never let them treat any of our citizens with disrespect. If the laws aren’t fair, we need to fix them, if our courts aren’t there for justice for all, then we need to overhaul them and if our politicians are only in it for their own glory and not to serve, then we need to vote them out.

As for the Freeman of the Land. You are not welcome in the Ontario Landowners Association and we reject your selfish approach to society and your anarchistic approach to our country.

14 Responses to “Freeman of the Land versus the Ontario Landowners Association By Tom Black”

  1. Grace Joubarne May 31, 2017

    Lenard you are correct…the Supreme Court of Canada made it clear that after 1982, the Constitution Act and Charter GUARANTEED that our common law rights would be prioritized over civil (statute/regulations) law, when we invoked them. It also made it clear that you have to approach your issue from a Full Legal Capacity and standing only, under Common Law. To do this, one needs to know the rules and there is even a special form to be used to do a Claim of Right…once you know the rules as laid out in the various SCC decisions, you are well on your way.

    When I hear someone say that we have to ‘enforce’ the law and then suggest forcing the very corporate powers to chance their ways, I could cry. There is no profit in the corporate government changing the statutes/acts/regulations that they specifically installed to get around the common law.

    When everyone is pooled into the ‘freeman’ tank, it is virtually impossible to get anyone, especially those who have never looked at the laws from the Common Law point of view, to give even a moment to evidence and facts. No matter what the evidence, they automatically shut you out as being ‘one of them’…so sad indeed for all the property owners who need desperately to start looking elsewhere for new information.

    It is so too bad because there are many of us that have studied, learned and know what to do and why. We are routinely shut out by those who keep saying ‘its all there in the laws’ but can’t hope to every tell you where exactly it is in the law. We can not only tell you where the violations of common law are exactly, we can tell you what to do about it.

  2. Lenard April 13, 2017

    Just remember people we are all in this fight together.
    There is no need for divisions. We all bleed the same.
    Now, get out there and learn something, don’t be a

  3. Lenard April 11, 2017

    People are confused when they talk about “The Law”. There are Acts, Statutes and Codes which most people mistake for “The Law”. Acts, Statutes and Codes are applied to a “person” when they don’t obey them. A “person” as defined in Black’s Law dictionary is a “CORPORATION”. You are the officer of that corporation in the corporate democracy of CANADA not the Common Wealth of
    Canada. They are separate entities. All corporations must obey Acts, Statutes and Codes or they will get fined (just another form of tax), unless you know how to separate one from the other. I do not agree with the comments Mr. Black has put forward. As usual with any given situation, the 90/10 rule applies – 90% of the freemen are good people, they may not file tax forms but they pay taxes with ALL purchases they make, therefore giving their fare share to the services we expect from our gov. Mr. Black’s views
    and energy has been misdirected in this situation.
    Most courts that people attend are “Statutory Courts”
    you are guilty until proven not-guilty, that’s why the courts have a very high conviction rate, how much are you willing to pay or give up to the rapists??
    All of the information stated above is fact, go look it up for yourself!!!

  4. Steve Ilievski April 4, 2017

    Isn’t the law there for all to respect, and obey, including the lawmakers and enforcers. Just reflect on the language for a moment, “enforce”, “force”. The moment anyone uses force, you’ve already lost the argument, justification, and legitimacy. Since Canada is a land of laws, why are the courts not respecting our common law rights to property. What justice is there when you can be charged by a corporation like a conservation “authority” who then have unlimited funds to fight in court while you dig deep in your empty pockets to hire expensive lawyers?

  5. skye bowen April 2, 2017

    While there are bad elements in the so called “free man” groups. Some of their arguments are not without merit.
    There is a difference between legal, and lawful.
    You are not a person – You have a person

    Conceived in Liberty a history of the 13 colonies in the 17th century is a book by Rothbard that covers much of this subject – though it is not the books main topic.

  6. Ken Hughes April 1, 2017

    It,s hard to obey the law when the Courts and opp are filthy crooked.We have seen them steal from unmanned farm food sales.They can be complete liars in court! My two cents from Perth Huron OLA

  7. James Leach April 1, 2017

    Though I agree with the jist of this article, one must be cognisant of the fact most of our laws are implemented via regulations and recommendations that are altered by bureaucrats and not elected officials.

    Yes, these elected officials, in theory, do have ultimate control, yet very rarely exercise it. Regulations ramble on, grow out of control. There are so many unjust “laws” on the books, it is no wonder that some people prescribe to Freeman philosophy. What average Joe has the money to fight the govt in court? Pretty well none, I know I don’t.

    Our Constitution is a “living” document, PET made sure the courts had large swathes of power with respect to interpretation, our Constitution cannot hold a candle to the solidity of the US Constitution. Just recently an Ontario court judge ruled that even though a man’s rights were Constitutionally violated, it was acceptable since the “collective good” held more weight. (parent asking notification of sex-ed based on religious grounds) .

    I know the OLA is about property rights, and I understand having to have focus, but rights in general are being smeared across Canada, and fervently so in Ontario. We might win one battle at a time, but we are losing the war, I can see the victims all around us.

  8. Randy April 1, 2017

    Tom very will said! I could not agree more! Under your guidance and leadership our group is in good hands!

  9. Beth Trudeau April 1, 2017

    Well said, Tom. Thank you for all that you and Marlene do!

  10. Erika Furney April 1, 2017

    We need more people to band together to UPHOLD OUR DEMOCRACY; if not for yourself, for the future of your children or grandchildren. Our rights will erode if we do not exercise them. It signals to our government officials a very dangerous message if we remain silent. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE BY SOME MEANS! Be it by supporting an association that advocates property rights, engaging by forwarding information of property abuses that you can validate thereby giving us the opportunity to expose the story in the hope we can intervene in a timely manner to put a stop to it; peaceful rallying when a need arises which brings media attention to the cause so the public can weigh in on the issue; or sending a financial donation to the group you feel is doing a good job on your behalf defending democracy. Remember the decision you make today, will affect your future and that of generations to come.

  11. Bob Marcellus April 1, 2017

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Liberal Govt. in Ontario has set out to underhandedly erode our property rights.

    In The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Canada participated in drafting after the second war, it states:

    Article 17
    1. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
    2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

    Yes they have been elected democratically, but were they elected on a platform stating that they were going to sneak away our property rights, which are a cornerstone of the greatness of our nation.

  12. Liz April 1, 2017

    Thank you Tom.

  13. HENRY MORASH, P, Eng. April 1, 2017



  14. Art Jefford April 1, 2017

    When just one individuals Rights and Freedoms are lost, It is the erosion of the Rights and Freedom of all of us. Protect the individual and you protect the whole … We survive if we stay together

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