How To Live In Ontario – Government Reports

Published June 23, 2015

1 Response to “How To Live In Ontario – Government Reports”

  1. Nancy Moisan June 30, 2015

    If a Premier can change laws to suit their needs and no longer benefit the constituents, in my opinion, they are not fulfilling their mandate. In 2015, Ontarians are experiencing a higher debt with less services, extremely high Hydro bills, the Premier does not factor in the surcharges when quoting the rates, yet we have no recourse because of changed laws. Any charges the OPP might want to apply to the Premier and MPP’s are no longer retroactive giving the Liberal government the right to break laws without consequence. Living in Ontario is no longer sustainable for many families and seniors because this government is not accountable for their actions. And what can we do about it, the Billion dollar(s) question.

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