Hydro Woes

Published January 1, 2014

By Tom and Marlene Black

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The following jingle, written by Tom and Marlene Black, was “inspired” by the many bad policies introduced by the Ontario government.

‘Twas the night before payday
And money was tight
Dad studied the bills
This just wasn’t right

So they sat round the table
With the lantern on low
Discussing just how high
Their hydro would go?

The pennies were counted
Dad gave a big yawn
Tomorrow’s a new day
The lights could go on

A movie, a sitcom,
A favourite cartoon
They’d sit by the TV
From breakfast til noon.

And when it was over
They’d be ready to eat
Mom would serve hot food
And desserts that were sweet.

Dad would tell stories
Of life in the past
How people were sure
That the power would last

The scandals and greed
That they read about then
Were done by the rulers
They thought were good men

Windmills and Solar
Now grew on the field
Which once was good farmland
Good food it did yield

Our tomatoes made ketchup
Good cereal from corn
Can’t process our peaches
Our lives have been torn

Good jobs are all gone
There was no one to pay
“Sold” signs on the door
They’d no reason to stay

Factories have closed down
Fresh chocolate’s gone south
So here in Ontario
Many live hand to mouth

We know why it happened
It’s called a big lie
There was someone to blame
For that pie in the sky

We knew that the Liberals
Dug us a big hole
And getting us out
Was never their goal.

Fat cats at the top
With salaries high
Was part of the plan
For that pie in the sky

Now we sit in the dark
And remember the day
When we had it so good
But we gave it away.

5 Responses to “Hydro Woes”

  1. Grace Joubarne February 1, 2014

    In the view of many well informed people, Mr. Harper is engaging in treason. At every turn he is embedding into huge Omnibus bills, legislation harmful to Canadians but helpful to multinationals. Not only this, but he gives MPs and the public no time to digest, discuss and debate the many hundreds, if not thousands of pages, in the bills before they are put to a vote. Obfuscation is his middle name.

    K.Doyle: If you think that keeping an operator like that in power because there may be no one else is justification for supporting him, then indeed we may be completely lost as a country. He has 30% of public support and 100% of the power. There is complete lack of transparency and honesty. He is NOT for Canada, he is for multinationals and his track record has proven this time and again.

    Canadians have never lost more ground than since Harper has been in power, although our debt situation started with Trudeau. Just ask the newborns now being psychiatrically drugged with unapproved drugs for disorders that have no scientific support. Just ask the many millions who were thriving middle class Canadians, but who are now barely making ends meet.

    Thanks to his support of Monsanto and Dow Chemical, we are eating chemicals instead of real food…we now actually have to fear our food. What’s worse, he has just now signed another deal with the Chinese…they will send us their highly polluted cheese and chicken and we’ll send them our good foods. Some deal! China is the world’s most polluted country…now they will feed us.

    How can a 79 year old Canadian woman, living is what is supposed to be a democracy, be charged and found guilty of refusing to complete a census form because her information would be collected by a US defence contractor, Lockheed Martin? It has happened because we are no longer sovereign and Harper is seeing to it that the US takes us over bit by bit. He even is seeing to it that the Supreme Court is loaded with Justices that will go along with his ‘agenda’.

    Harper has permitted the US NSA to do all manner of surveillance on Canadians and further, he has permitted them to do aerosol spraying 24/7 over Canadian skies for years…mega tons daily of aluminum, cadmium, bacteria, viruses and microplastics sprayed on us in Chemtrails. Just look up and see the daily chemtrails that now cause permanent dimness of sunlight and the health issues that come from Canadians not having enough sunshine to produce Vitamin D naturally.

    Harper has or is in the process of secretly signing the TPP. One of the provisions in the TPP is that the 600 corporations engaged in writing this secret trade deal will be permitted to sue any level of government at any time, if that government seeks to pass or continue to support any legislation that would interfere with their profit-taking. As we speak, Australia, Hawaii, the Philippines are being sued for refusing GMO crops into their countries after considering all of the independent research showing the great harm they are causing to health, crops, agriculture and economies.

    A couple of large corporations can easily join forces and bankrupt a small country just by continually suing them..what an easy way to take over a nation. The courts would have to back the multinationals because the nation signed onto the TPP. Even if they didn’t win, the chilling effect on legislators and the taxpayer would ensure a complete corporatocracy replaces a democracy.

  2. K doyle February 1, 2014

    Fortunately we have organizations like landowners to help
    us but much of our problem is in how the people vote. Simplistic but…We all
    know of the carnage inflicted by the Ontario Liberals – yet a recent poll shows
    that Ms. Wynn would win a minority Government! The majority doesn’t
    understand – as they live in the city?- or don’t care? In any event- not a good
    sign. More education is needed? From my back steps in the woods of Tobermory I
    would say Mr. Hudak needs to get off his…chair?…and get performing? No one
    knows him, no one hears about him? Would you recognize him walking down your
    home town street?–I wouldn’t.

    I am disappointed with your essentially
    unsubstantiated rip at Mr. Harper via Helleyer and Ms. May. As you know much of
    our current woes are due to Liberal thinking. Trudeau removed property rights
    from the Bill of Rights in order to pass it. Ms. May has never run anything successful
    but her own reelection committee. Much of our current zoning issues date from
    the short reign of damage by the big provincial liberal Bob Ray.

    To say Mr. Harper is a traitor is out of hand.
    Secondly—just who did you want to replace him with? Who or which party, do you
    think would help us with private property rights? Let me inform you that
    private property rights are not on the agenda for socialism in general (NDP)
    and the Liberals have a tract record of demolishing out rights one by one. (ha-ha
    – -would you have the country run by Boy Trudeau with his great experience at
    teaching drama? Have you been impressed
    by the lad’s intelligence thus far? I think he takes after his mother more than
    his father and as a farmer I would be sending that bull to market before
    breeding season.)

    In sum I am tired of journalists and such
    slagging Mr. Harper, mainly as he has been there so long, especially as I see
    no one on the horizon to replace him. And remember that essentially, individualism
    is a Conservative leaning – beware of any organization that speaks of the “common
    good”….That means what they imperiously think what is good for you and impose
    same – not what you want. And to them the common good does not include private
    ownership of land and by extension rural communities.




  3. Grace Joubarne January 1, 2014

    Gross negligence and corruption that is so obvious a child can see it does not even so much as get a look-see from the RCMP.

    This is our fault. We forgot what the biggest plunderer of all time once said “Trust but confirm” (Ronald Reagan, who gave corporations the same rights as a person). We let bureaucrats set up private companies with our money and with secrecy clauses and little meaningful is done by the people.

    How many people write letters, start petitions, walk on the Hill or the Legislature? Soon we will all have lots of time and nothing to do other than do what we should have done in the first place.

    When people such as Paul Helleyer (former Deputy Prime Minister under Trudeau) and Elizabeth May (Green Party Leader) openly and publicly as possible tell us that Harper is a traitor, engaging in several acts of treason, we need to act fast.

  4. Joe Vye January 1, 2014

    Very good but missed out on McGuinty going to Harvard to teach americans how to steal like grand larceny and no go to jail like he should have for the rest of his natural life

  5. Donald Crosby January 1, 2014

    The whole Ontario electrical power system is a backdoor scheme of taxation and political/corporate enrichment because the citizens of this province have no control over runaway rate increases while the government allows the power authorities to do whatever they want.

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