Your Input Wanted on Property Rights by Marlene Black

Published April 1, 2017

Marlene Black

One of the facts that has become most obvious to any of the landowners in Ontario is that we are being overrun with intrusive individuals who seem to feel that they have total authority to walk all around our property, take pictures if they want to and leave orders for us to follow. WHAT DICTATORSHIP ARE THEY LIVING IN? Certainly not Canada but I digress. Yes, it is in Canada and these people strutting around looking for ways to charge you; for a messy yard, for filling a hole on your land; for putting in new windows without a permit, for leaving your truck in the middle of nowhere, are often acting on one anonymous complaint. We hear such unbelievable stories on a daily basis. Your neighbour doesn’t like you, call the city and complain. Your husband/wife has left you, call the city and complain, “tell them your spouse reads hunting magazines and they’ll investigate”. It is ridiculous that one complaint, must activate a visit from the authority. One Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans investigator said he had over 30 complaints on his desk, all from the same individual, who was walking around rural properties looking for people who might be disturbing their wetland and this supervisor had to respond to every one. A crazy system it seems. Which brings me around to what a certain group of people have been working on for the past year.

In the early days of Patrick Brown’s win as leader of the PC party, he met with many rural people and heard the stories of overstepping government agents who were sending the ‘good citizens’ of the land to court for a host of charges that any normal, common sense person, would have stuffed into the garbage can. If it wasn’t charges that they had fun throwing our way, it was taking great pleasure in denying our requests for permits or demanding they we jump through a barrage of expensive hoops before they might consider it. Power tripping 101.

To his credit, Patrick listened to these stories and decided to put MPP Jack MacLaren in charge of forming a Blue Ribbon Panel on Property Rights which he did. Jack got a group of citizens well versed in property rights and the lack of, and for the past year, they have been working on Phase 1; having regular meetings, lots of back and forth, flip chart discussions with lunch around a table to eventually put together a Blue Ribbon paper on Property Rights. This was presented recently to Patrick Brown and some caucus members, it was well received and the green light was given to go ahead with Phase 2, holding town hall public meetings across Ontario.

I was one of those helping out on this Panel and it has been a learning curve that is for sure but what became so very obvious to all of us was that if we live in a great country which starts to let our property rights slide, it won’t be long before we’re not living in a great country. We learned about Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto who travels the world talking about how property rights have lifted poor countries out of poverty and given them an opportunity for wealth. His YouTube video “The Power of the Poor” is a great watch.

The property rights group will be touring Ontario in April and May, 2017. If you think you would like to attend one of these meetings, watch for the dates to be posted on the website: The PC riding associations in your area, may be hosting the meetings. The hope is to get input from citizens as to what ideas we can present to the PC party so that Property Rights is front and centre in their 2018 election platform. On that website there is a place to put your comments so please do that! Canada was built on freedom and property rights. If the rules, regulations and burdensome red tape had been around when the early settlers arrived to this land, the strength, spirit and dreams of a better future, that they brought with them, would have been squashed like a bug!

For a country to prosper, we cannot tie the hands of those people trying to start businesses, create jobs and use their entrepreneurial spirit to dream big. There is no dreaming big in Ontario. It isn’t enough that you’ve survived navigating the clogged myriad of unattainable and ridiculous demands that some unaccountable bureaucrats like to invent, to push you over the edge, they continue to find more hoops for you to jump through and more ways to drain your bank account. Let’s find some good solutions to these problems and put an end to further abuses.

9 Responses to “Your Input Wanted on Property Rights by Marlene Black”

  1. Grace Joubarne May 1, 2017

    Our United Party of Ontario is hoping to have an equal opportunity to access the ear of the Directors of the Ontario Landowners Association in the near future, because our evidence will show that the assumptions that property owners are currently operating under are categorically incorrect and the current approach taken to advance their rights cannot work…that is why the violations are getting worse.

    One can never look at any law in isolation. The issue with violations of property rights (and yes we do have full rights that have been abridged and denied through legislative trickery) started with the Criminal Code of Canada in 1985 and it’s definitions and legislative trickery.

    In 1982, the new Constitution Act was buried deliberately by the politicians at the highest levels (we have that evidence). The government (corporation) was legally obligated to (a) teach us our International Rights and Freedoms and (b) teach us how to enforce them.

    Instead, the government took massive steps to prevent us from (a) learning of this freedom and (b) accessing effective remedy as is also a legal obligation of the government (c) to install legislative wording to defeat the fundamental human rights and freedoms provision as ratified, unless we learned how to enforce them using common law principles of Full Legal Capacity instead of Civil Law (using lawyers, legalease)

    Patrick Brown is a puppet in the show…he does as he is instructed by the corporate masters – L-G at this level. Currently GG and LG are corporate handlers of the subsidiary corporation (called CANADA) governed by the IMF/World Bank owned by the Vatican City since 1953 when the Queen forfeited her control of the monarchy (corporation) under the Act of Settlements law. Once she forfeited her control, the IMF/World Bank defacto government (Vatican corporation) took over.

    That folks, is who makes the rules and decides the outcome.

    The shit runs downhill, not uphill as we are led to believe by politicians. Politicians have NO power because they swear allegiance to the corporation, not to you and I. If you understand nothing else, please understand this point. We are led to believe that if we protest enough, those above us will hear and act…no possible way

    BTW, the courts belong to the corporation and also are told what the outcomes of all court cases will be.

    Since many more Canadians are learning that the only way (as confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada repeatedly) is to invoke one’s Full Legal Capacity and fundamental human rights in a specific format, the corporate masters are now blocking this access to effective remedy of violations of our freedoms and rights by ensuring the courts do not have enough judges, time, space, etc. — and ensuring that people are kept ignorant of the proper format for invoking Common Law Rights.

    The Law Societies are private corporations set up to ensure that Common Law Courts were dissolved away and Civil (Corporate) Courts prevailed to continue to protect corporate profits. Small Claims Courts were common law courts until lawyers moved in and now the average small claims court action can cost as much as $40-50,000.
    These Common Laws were given priority in the new Constitution Act, 1982, but only if you knew how to invoke them…and that is not by going back to the Magna Carta, but by invoking International Covenants (1976) and (1999) specifically, word for word.

    Just as Big Pharma has made us believe that poisonous substances are good for us, while systematically eliminated natural remedies that adhere to natural laws, we see the ‘system’ headed by Law Societies ensuring that legal-ease overtakes viva voce and that man-to-man common law is eliminated.

    Our United Party of Ontario can show everyone that (a) you do not have absolute title over your property (b) the debt to the IMF is now being paid off by confiscating property, including real estate and children (gov’t now co-parenting and seizing tens of thousands of children without reason) and (c) the people doing the dirty work are equally unaware they are being used to destroy their neighbors.

    If folks do not give truly informed grassroots people (who have spent thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of research hours and put their lives on the line day-after-day to figure this out) a chance to be heard and/or continue to believe that the very same political parties that have led us down the garden path into this ever expanding tyranny are interested in changing things, they are certainly signing their own death warrant.

    Well meaning people are working hard in many protest groups…not just property rights– way too hard, and are unable to get this turned around. This is because they keep doing the same thing…running to the fox that is actually part of the scheme killing the chickens off.

    Jack MacLaren, a truly hardworking, decent human being, brought forward a Bill in the Legislature in the past that would have benefited property owners. Patrick Brown told the entire Party to stay away and no one but 2 or 3 showed up for the vote and those voted against his Bill.

    You can be sure that Jack MacLaren, no matter how many panels he promotes or how honourable his intentions, can do nothing to change things. Patrick Brown, in my view, has shown his true colors, is willing to walk on anyone anytime that is not fully onboard with the Agenda 21, so expecting him to ‘do something’ is absurd especially when he will never swear allegiance to any of us.

    Please add your endorsement and lets get this tyranny stopped together…the only way because it is too far gone is to stop it in the Legislature.

  2. james April 28, 2017

    i just been in court because my shed is to big and the build code is what the Municipal us I have told the court it on PRIVATE PROPERTY and i have use of the land and used court case to back it up all i got was i am crazy for saying what i said and got fined $300.00 i thing as soon as a inspector show up at you door go down and file trespass chargers and thief chargers wish i did ..

  3. Don Wood April 8, 2017

    Excellent work – keep going!

  4. SYLVIA DAVIDSON April 7, 2017

    After watching that documentary of DeSoto’s, I know realize how liberating and critical it is for anyone to have property rights and identity. Thanks and keep up with your mission to keep Ontario out of the red tape that strangles human incentive and entrepreneurship.

  5. Ken Conrad April 3, 2017

    Good article…

    I would like to address the lack of transparency with respect to the notices of severance that are sent out to adjoining landowners and point out that it is imperative that all pertinent information in relation to a severance that directly affects the landowners be included in the notices as well.
    I received a notice of severance for approximately 100 acres of farmland bordering on the North West end of my property. There was no indication in the notice that a condition had been placed upon it requiring the applicant to sever a 33 foot wide lot from the south end of the above land in question at their cost and give it to the township. The map on the back of the notice failed to show this as well. As far as I was concerned I was satisfied with the fact that this was nothing more then a straightforward farmland severance. I only became aware of the condition via casual conversation with my neighbor and by this point in time the allotted time for an appeal with the OMB had elapsed.
    On a separate note the above applicant on the advice of their lawyer also applied for and was granted a severance on an adjoining 33 foot wide lot to the east which further encroached onto my land therefore giving the Township legal title to two lots end to end the full length of Church lane. I received no notice for this severance and consider this failure to notify me a breach of required protocol and a violation of my landowner rights.
    Being the farmer who owns 200 acres of adjoining land to the south would thus put me in a position of shared ownership of this road with the municipality and I am leery of being in this position.
    As far as I am concerned if the Township wants to claim title of the property on which this half mile long road resides then so be it. They aught naught however expect the landowner to assume several thousand dollars in surveying costs etc. in order to establish public ownership of the land.

    This Township’s arbitrary use of a conditional severance in order to constrain a landowner into relinquishing a parcel of land at his/or her expense as well as place a neighboring landowner in a precarious legal position in order that it can assume legal ownership of that parcel at no cost to itself, is inappropriate. Such a practice although it is deemed acceptable by those who run the affairs of this Township in reality represents unwillingness by them to use the expropriation process and opt rather for a method that violates the principles of fundamental justice.
    The Expropriations Act defines that government can expropriate private property for the public good and the private property owner must be paid the highest land use market value”. Ontario Landowner Association Position Paper on Property Rights.
    A township if it decides it needs to take over ownership of a piece of property for the public good, then it only makes sense that the public assume the costs associated with such a take over including payment for the land at fair market value.

  6. Donna Burns April 1, 2017

    More infringements against our Property Rights is through our municipalities with Bill 68 created to amend the Municipal Act. It’s already had its 2nd reading and is”in committee” before it goes to 3rd reading (likely around Easter). These amendments are under the umbrella of Environment & Climate Change which opens the door for municipalities to become creative and invent bylaws using “climate change” as their basis. Climate change is NOT tangible – it’s an interpretation based on someone’s opinion. In addition to this, there is also the “Administrative Penalties” wherein if you don’t comply with these insidious bylaws, you will be fined and ordered to pay that fine within 15 days after you were charged…otherwise, the fine will be added to your PROPERTY TAXES! This denies you your constitutional right to challenge the validity of the bylaw in the eyes of justice. Also, any new building construction must have “green” roofs…meaning flat roofs for garden vegetation. These are just a few of the changes in this Bill 68. The province is broke. Municipalities need revenue. Some of these bylaws will be illegal, as many are now. They cannot change Legislation to make PRIVATE PROPERTY under the authority unless the property owner gives consent but this doesn’t stop them from creative bylaws to bring in much needed revenue. However, the “implied consent” that 90% of property owners will cave and pay the fines is the bully mentality they use to bring in more revenue. Respect for LAW in private property rights will not matter – the more people give, the more they will take, unless the people stand up and say Enough is Enough…just like the hydro! Bill 68 needs to be STOPPED. Contact your MPP’s and get on their case about this.

  7. Bob Marcellus April 1, 2017

    Latest news from my Municipality is that they want to get a Drone to fly around the Township. In my opinion this decision should be made by the electorate, not the politicians.

  8. HENRY MORASH, P, Eng. April 1, 2017


  9. Tina R English April 1, 2017

    I appreciate all yous do to protect the landowners who didn’t know their rights ( including me ) ! I read all your articles every month. I have alerted other people who have been harassed about various property issues and I will continue to spread the word as long as I live . Thank you for all that you do for us!

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