Killing Clean Power Plan By Tom Harris

Published May 1, 2017

President Donald Trump is right to kill the hugely expensive Clean Power Plan (CPP). After all, it only controls carbon dioxide (CO2), which is simply plant food. The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change cites over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies showing that rising atmospheric CO2 enhances productivity of forests and grasslands. Commercial greenhouses run at up to about four times the outside level of CO2 to boost plant growth.

Increasing CO2 poses no direct hazard to human health either. Concentrations in submarines can reach 25 times normal atmospheric levels with no harmful effects on the crew.

Yet the CPP misleads readers by referring to CO2 as “carbon pollution.” Canadian environment minister Catherine McKenna does exactly the same.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy admitted that, by itself, the CPP would have an insignificant impact on climate. Its main purpose was to lead the world in the ‘fight to stop climate change’, she said. This makes no sense. Even if one accepts the dubious notion that humanity’s CO2 emissions threaten the climate, developing countries have indicated that they will not follow our lead. For example, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines said last July:

“You are trying to stymie [our growth] with an agreement [the Paris Agreement on climate change] … That’s stupid. I will not honor that.”

Duterte can say this with a clear conscience since all UN climate treaties, including Paris, are based on the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) which states:

“Economic and social development and poverty eradication are the first and overriding priorities of the developing country Parties.”

This stipulation does not apply to developed nations.

Actions to significantly reduce CO2 emissions would require curbing the use of coal, the cheapest power source in most of the world. But this would obviously interfere with development priorities. So, developing countries won’t do it, citing the FCCC as their excuse.

Activists say that there will be important pollution reduction co-benefits to CO2 emission control. Yet the EPA’s own data show that total emissions of six major air pollutants dropped 62% since 1980 even though CO2 emissions increased by 14%. Using climate regulations to reduce pollution is an expensive mistake.

Trump’s promotion of coal and other hydrocarbon energy sources and his concentration on clean air and water is a relief. Thousands of people lost their jobs and saw prices soar as a result of President Obama’s focus on climate mitigation. The Congressional Research Service reported that the Obama administration spent $120 billion on climate change issues.

“But that era is over,” Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), former Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, told the 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12) in Washington, D.C. on March 23. “The outlook for environmental activists and climate change alarmists is grim… their political leverage and relevance has dwindled.”

However, Inhofe cautioned, “The Liberal extremists are not going to give up. Obama has built a culture of radical alarmists, and they’ll be back. You and I and the American people have won a great victory, but the war goes on.”

So what can be done to ensure that the climate scare is not resurrected by a future president or Congress?

The key is to sway public opinion so solidly against the global warming alarm that the Democrats never dare promote it again. According to Dr. Jay Lehr, science director at The Heartland Institute, the organizers of ICCC-12, the war will be won when at least 90% of Americans tell pollsters that they oppose the government spending any money at all on climate control.

Lehr told the ICCC-12 audience, “We have won the science. [But] the battle is going to go on. The challenge I make to you is to turn the minds of five people in a year. Reasonably neutral, sensible people. But we have still not won the attitude of the whole public and that is what we want to do.”

ICCC-12 provided a blueprint for how to do this. By itself, it’s not enough to show that the science underlying the scare is flawed. It’s not enough to reveal how $1 billion a day is wasted trying to control climate. Or that we should welcome rising CO2 levels to help grow the food billions more humans will eventually need. Or how millions of birds and bats are killed by industrial wind turbines erected to supposedly stop climate change. Or the ruined lives of hundreds of thousands of people who live near wind turbines.

All these arguments, and more, must be used to bring practical people, regardless of their political orientations, to understand that, as former University of Winnipeg climatology professor Dr. Tim Ball explained, “the climate scare is the greatest deception in history.”

Tom Harris is executive director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition.

2 Responses to “Killing Clean Power Plan By Tom Harris”

  1. Grace Joubarne May 1, 2017

    All of the catastrophic weather activity we have seen in the last 25-30 years is a HAARP doing. Geoengineers now brag about being able to cause 7 major catastrophic weather events simultaneously and the US government has quietly admitted that HAARP is controlling almost all weather.

    Weather has been weaponized…it is now used to eradicate entire cultures/populations. The tsunami that wrecked the nuclear power plant in Japan was no accident.

    Those lines and aberrations (chemtrails) in the sky that we see almost daily are designed to force specific weather patterns on our cities/towns/farmlands, etc and to ensure permanent dimming of sunlight. This results in major health issues for human and animal alike and growing issues for farmers, since Vit D is essential to maintaining good health and growing healthy crops.

    Take note of how few sunny days there are in a year lately. Meanwhile, Health Canada has made large amounts of Vit D supplements illegal. There is no way to get the large amounts of Vit D required daily.

    This is all rolling out as planned by the IMF/OWO/Vatican City.

    Vatican City? What am I talking about you ask? Well, as a result of our research (United Party of Ontario is working extremely hard on answers to all this) we learned that in 1933 Canada and the USA went bankrupt. The European central bankers stepped in to lend the gov’t money (Vatican owns the IMF/World Bank) and the only collateral the government had was US…our labor and future earnings and properties. Every man, woman and child became securitized (collateral).

    Don’t believe me? Check out the very, very fine print on your Birth Certificate (it states that your Birth Certificate is a Bank of Canada note). ‘Certificate’ as in stock certificate, bond certificate, etc. You may need a magnifying glass.

    They appropriated your name at birth, Jane Doe, transform your Statement of Live Birth into a negotiable legal instrument JANE DOE (all legal instruments must have a title that is capitalized). Our NAME is then traded on the stock exchange just as are all other securities, including those used as collateral.

    We do not own our properties…the municipalities do and we can prove this as well. This is why they act like they own our properties.

    Further, while we think the Queen of Canada is in direct control, in fact she forfeited her roles as Queen of England, Ireland, Canada and so on in 1953 when she violated the Act of Settlement Law. This allowed the Vatican City cabal to move in and take over as the defacto government…this is all well documented. Worse, the entire country is controlled by the G-G.

    MANY GOOD PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON INVESTIGATING THIS FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS. Many have been ruined financially and physically, some have been killed off, most have lost their properties (including land) and many are still in hiding operating under pseudonyms, etc.

    We are in the middle of a holocaust. We are in a massive ditch, ready to be buried over. We cannot see the landscape above because it is hiding in plain site. Right now as I write this, children by the thousands are being seized for no reason because the government wants to co-parent. Thousands of properties are being seized by the ‘Ontario government’, one at a time so few notice. We are being boiled slowly like frogs.

    Please visit the site called to enlighten yourself as to how serious this all is…it is not a single issue matter.

    GOOD PEOPLE, are trying to get the attention of the grassroots, where the change must happen. We cannot continue to support the very political theatre that has duped us while all this is happening in the background. THEY do not work for US and never will. They work for those they are bound to by oath.

    ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED…IF ONE OF THE MAINSTREAM PARTIES GET IN IN 2018, not one of us will have a home or money (including pensions) in 5 years.

    Please add your endorsement signature at asap. The government is doing all it can to prevent United Party of Ontario from getting a foothold, since it knows many of us are well informed and not ‘politicians’ that will swear allegiance to their cabal. ONLY when a governing party swears allegiance ONLY to the People can we be freed of forced incorporation in the cabal that presently owns us.

    One of their arbitrary and unlawful requirements is that we produce 1,000 endorsement signatures to show that at least that many people are interested in seeing another party for the next election. UPOntario has all its financials, databases, etc submitted…this is our most immediate hurdle.

    So please, all take a look at your Birth Certificate and know that the Registration number on the front and the CUSIP number on the back are keeping you in slavery. When you have nothing left, you will be discarded like trash, as they are doing to the elderly at this very moment.

    Support us and we will be able to free everyone…guaranteed.

    Thank you for your consideration of this,
    (and no, we are not freeman-on-the-landers)

  2. robert armstrong May 1, 2017

    We also have to nip this scam in the schools where the kids are brainwashed and start teaching the truth. This is the best place to start.

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