Moving On by Tom Black

Published June 1, 2017

Back in Sept of 2014, the Ontario Landowners Association embarked on a mission to help Patrick Brown, a Federal Conservative MP, run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. The reasons that we chose to support him was because he was not part of the old boys club in Toronto, “or so we thought”, and also because of the many promises he made to us in a fairly intense three hour interrogation with about 25 well informed landowner members.

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, MPP Jack MacLaren, OLA Governor, Stefanos Karatopis

In that meeting, Mr. Brown promised he would end the Green Energy Act, he would make party policy from the ground up with the people deciding what that policy platform would include, he would absolutely have open and free nominations in every riding including those with a sitting MPP. He also promised to clean out the back room of the party that had lost four elections to the Liberals because conservative-minded people had no one to vote for. At a meeting in Huron-Perth he appealed to the Landowners with musings of how he envisioned some government agency or ministry with MPP Jack MacLaren leading an office that would scrutinize all legislation to ensure it did not infringe on private property rights, and of course, he said that he would always be just a phone call away if we wanted to reach him with a problem.

And so it was, that MPP Jack MacLaren and I flew around Ontario in a miserable dangerous snowstorm in the winter of 2015, and met with Landowner groups throughout Ontario. We also placed membership forms in the Landowner Magazine and according to the people receiving them in Toronto, “the mailboxes were overflowing with those memberships”. The final results of course was that Mr. Brown won the leadership and the OLA was ready to help create legislation to help protect individual rights and freedoms.

Mr. Brown did pitch MPP Jack MacLaren, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Property Rights and that panel worked diligently to fulfill the mandate, which was to bring the importance of protecting private property to the policy convention in November of 2017. The panel encouraged people at meetings around Ontario to become delegates at the PC convention and vote to support policy that would promote a change of tone in the government bureaucracy towards property rights. Then they changed the rules in the spring of 2017. Now they would have one membership, one vote at the convention, which meant they could overload the voting delegates with the people closest to the venue which of course, was Toronto, and thus nothing would come of all our efforts to consult people across Ontario.

The other breach of trust with the OLA was at the 2016 PC Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa, where Mr. Brown stepped on stage and stated that the new PC policy was to recognize ‘man-made climate change’ and put in place some form of carbon tax. This was a complete reversal on policy from the ground up and completely shook the faith of the rural people.

Then came the ‘open nomination’ process. Some landowners were prepared to run as candidates for the PC’s to help restore representation for the people of Ontario. These candidates quickly found there were many roadblocks placed in their way so that they could not qualify to run against party chosen friends. As a matter of fact, the only sitting MPP the party allowed anyone to run against, was Jack MacLaren. Sam Oosterhoff of Niagara, the young unknown who surprised the back-room boys and won against party president Rick Dykstra, also had to face a nomination challenge because he had a social conservative following that did not seem to please the party’s idea of taking the middle ground away from the liberals. Many nominations for candidates across Ontario have come up with questionable results because of candidates being removed suddenly just before the nomination in favour of preferred candidates.

So folks the OLA started looking for other parties that we could support in the next election. We ran into many people who said that all this would do was split the vote and we would let Kathleen Wynne, win another round. This may be so, however, it has become very clear that Mr. Brown may be as bad as the liberals. It is hard to imagine such a case, but a few days ago, I heard a radio personality say that after having Wynne, he actually wished McGuinty was back. We may find that after the Patrick Brown dictatorship has its way with us, we may be wishing we had Ms. Wynne back.

To that end, the Governors of the Ontario Landowners Association have unanimously endorsed Bob Yaciuk and the Trillium Party of Ontario and this week MPP Jack MacLaren and Bob Yaciuk appeared together at Queen’s Park, where Jack confirmed that he was leaving the PC party and joining the Trillium Party.

The PC party somehow got wind of the plan, which was supposed to be announced on Tuesday, May 30, and they kicked Jack out of the party on Sunday, May 28 with an 8 a.m. email, pretending it was because of some video with Jack in it in 2012.

So in conclusion, we believe that this is a great day for democracy and the people of Ontario. We hope people can get behind the Trillium party, (check out their website for yourself) and create a voting block that will help to restrain the 3 parties that are all singing from the same book. This will not be an easy undertaking, but the fact is about half of the people who don’t vote in our elections, do so because they feel that they have no one to vote for.

Let’s give them a reason to vote and a party to vote for and put democracy back to work.

14 Responses to “Moving On by Tom Black”

  1. Steve Ilievski June 4, 2017

    I keep telling you people, there is no need to keep chasing politicians and begging for their promises, Common Law already gives us jurisdiction on our property, we just have to know our common law rights and make use of them. It’s a use it or loose it deal. Why is it Elizabeth Marshal has never looked and informed the landowners on Common Law? Anyway look up Karl Lentz on You Tube and Google Anna von Reitz for more information on common law. Anna is I believe a retired judge from Alaska, so she does know a few things on courts and laws.

  2. Doug mcbride June 3, 2017

    The trillium party I’m interested ,lord knows we need it or someone that represents the everyday Canadian .

  3. Wally June 2, 2017

    Democracy at all levels is eroding fast. We the people must make a stand. Promises during campaigns are important and are why we vote politicians into office. By lying they are no more than dictators.

  4. Lenard June 2, 2017

    Grace, thank you for reading my mind. The hair is standing on the back of my neck. I don’t need to say anything more. Read Grace’s post and go learn something about our “so-called” government who’s been operating outside it’s mandate for WAY too long.

  5. Charles Ritchie June 1, 2017

    It now remains to be seen how many other current PC MPPs will leave that party & join the Trillium Party….OR…join the Libertarian Party….OR…..join the Freedom Party.(And perhaps Queenie Yu & colleagues [if not also MPP Oosterhoff] will also join the Trillium Party.) It will also remain to be seen how many current MPPs in the Provincial Legislature will soon join the Green Party (considering the BC Green Party’s recent successes in that province). I know that the idea of forming some kind of temporary alliance (amongst the Trillium Party & all of the other provincial political parties I cited here [who-presently-do not have any sitting MPPs in the Provincial Legislature]) in the next provincial election MAY be feasible/desirable;as that could certainly (in a first-past-the-post voting system;at least) reduce/eliminate any valid concerns about vote-splitting etc.MOREOVER;should the Trillium Party (and the Libertarians & the Freedom Party & the Greens [at least]) advocate the following democrartic reforms: a) having a correctly functioning proportional voting system to elect MPPs; b) having correct & workable MPP-recall legislation; and c) having correct oppourtunities for the a certain sizeable amount of the general public to rightfully force a correct change in law via a correctly-run citizen’s referendum….THEN….it could be correctly presumed that a sizeable amount of the general voting public in Ontario WILL,indeed,for candidates in these–at least–four other political parties…..

  6. Liz June 1, 2017

    Grace…it is the people’s representatives which create the legislation…then the L.G.’s or G.G.’s counsel goes over it, and then it is the L.G. and/or the G.G. which “assents.” The elected representatives are the ones who create it but obviously they are (i) not reading what they are legislating, and (ii) they do not realize that eventually what they do to the people they are actually doing to themselves. That is why this new Party is the way to go…again Grace read my book…

  7. Gerry Trudeau June 1, 2017

    How ca we be sure that McCROWN doesn,t put up “roadblocks” that would make it virtually useless to be active in the TRILLIUM party .??

  8. Scott Bennett June 1, 2017

    Patrick Brown really pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. He’s turned into a career politician who will do anything he thinks will win him votes, and does not have conservative values. It shows us how we need to find someone with a longstanding and principled conservative background, who will stand their ground, to become the next Conservative leader in Ontario. We now have a Pro carbon tax, Anti Free Speech, Pro M103, leader in our Conservative party…scary times.

  9. Grace Joubarne June 1, 2017

    Actually, 7.5 million people out of the 9.3 million that were eligible to vote in the last election did not vote. The other fact is that there is absolutely NO WAY for any party who gets in who is part of the corporate governance system to change anything. They do not and will not take orders from the People.

    It is an absolute fallacy that any ruling party can change legislation. ALL decisions are made by the GG for Canada and L-G for the provinces. Nothing is initiated without their say-so and no legislation is ever proclaimed without their signature. If you doubt that then ask why despite Christy Clark in BC having lost power to two parties that combined their results to form majority is still in power…as they said, the LG makes the final decision as to who will rule. So it doesn’t matter what the voters say, the LG decides. These unelected people stay in the background to remain protected from political scrutiny. The media and particularly the corporate media, the CBC make sure that nothing is ever disclosed about who actually runs things.

    The politics we sweat over is theatre. It is the people we do not elect who make the decisions at all times. Worse, everyone who works for the corporate government at any level, must swear allegiance to Her Majesty and obey HER laws. the GG and LG install the laws for their corporation and subsidiary corporations. Why do you think that the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is a corporation? It is a subsidiary of the parent (CROWN).

    In 1953 Her Majesty forfeited her control of the corporation CANADA to the Vatican City which owns the IMF/World Bank. (Note that the IMF is installing an Infrastructure Bank in Canada shortly and we will be 10x more indebt to it, equally shortly). There is a law between corporations called the Law of Settlements (just a corporate thing) and somehow Eliz either sold the Monarchy (corporation) or there was a hostile takeover, just as there are with any corporations.

    However, just as Wendy’s can buy Tim Hortons and they keep the same names, logos, etc,– we still have the names of the CROWN, etc. etc…the same corporate operating system as from 1867 when the parent corporation (British Monarchy) set up business on our landmass.

    In 1976 International Law that the corporate monarchy signed onto and which forced the new Constitution 1982 and the Charter changed the ‘system’, so that individuals could not be swindled by McCROWN any more, which was stealing the wealth of the landmass Canada from its People. These laws were signed onto by 71 countries and they were necessary because of the atrocities and genocide the British corporate governments (monarchy) was engaged in. So the People are entitled to a government of the People and are not supposed to be still in servitude to McCrown and its many layers of subsidiaries (provinces, municpalities, agencies, etc).

    Evidence shows that instead of educating every Canadian about their Full Legal Capacity rights effective 1982 and how to enforce them, they spent millions to hide it. ALL MEDIA is owned by the corporate government. ALL PARTIES must swear allegiance to the corporate government. But the law is that no Canadian is obligated any longer to the Corporate government, including all its subsidiaries such as province (corporation) and municipalities. Canadians are fully within their legal rights to refuse to be in servitude to McCrown and run it’s own government for the People.

    The only party that can make any difference whatever is a party that will swear allegiance only to the People and which will therefore not be a corporate party (corporation). Corporations are profit making machines; it is their job to suck everyone into buying their ‘stuff’ so that they can monopolize an entire industry. But the law says we do not have to put up with being enslaved to any corporation anymore.

    In 2009, as a for-instance, the total Revenue from mining, lumber, taxes, levies, corporate taxes, etc was roughly $534 BILLION dollars. While every single Canadian was supposed to share in this Consolidated Revenue Fund so that everyone could ENJOY life too, this fact was hidden from us since 1982 and few people but the wealthy know to make an appropriation request from the CRF that is to pay for all education, all food, all services, etc. for all Canadians. It is unlawful for McCrown to be making anyone of any age pay for any education…the law states it is to be free at all levels…that’s the law. Instead, education is a business.

    Instead of Canadians getting their share of Canada’s wealth, only roughly $135 billion was put back into the economy, and much is clawed back as tax that we have the legal right not to pay. The rest goes to IMF overseas, into venture and incubator projects that make great wealth for already wealthy investors…meanwhile the common man pays taxes that the law says they are not obligated to pay at all.

    The landmass Canada has generated trillions of dollars in wealth through resource extraction, etc. This belongs to Canadians, not to corporations. But unwitting Canadians just keep giving their earnings to a corporation that holds them in nothing but contempt. Meanwhile we have people shaming others when they don’t pay taxes (which the law since 1976 says no one has to pay taxes to McCrown), by claiming they are ‘free loading’. Yet not a single person in the corporation, except the employees, are paying taxes and nobody calls them ‘free loaders’.

    Truly, we are our own worst enemies. I don’t know anything about the Trillium Party, but if it is organizing itself exactly like traditional parties, it can do absolutely nothing for anyone. Until the ‘system’ is understood as it is actually set up, until everyone understands that since 1982 there are new laws that will work for us if we listen to those who have the information to work with, no legislation can be changed by the Trillium party or any Party. In fact, I know that no one in the OLA and no one in any Party knows where the offending provisions of the legislation(s) are because no one has studied this to know why nothing gets better. Many lawyers know, but they would be disbarred if they so much as opened their mouth. The ones that did try to help the public were disbarred. Remember, the Law Society is a subsidiary of McCrown and it tries to make sure that Civil (corporate) law is the only thing the public know about.

    Civil (their corporate legislation) law is not what we must follow anymore. The Constitution 1982 gave us common law to stand on…but how many of you know how to do that? Well, the info is all there in black and white and if you will all just consider that what you are doing right now has never worked and consider new information, we could all stop the suffering for everyone fairly quickly.

    Whether it is Brown, Wynne, or McGuinty or Harris…they are only doing their job. They do not work for you and I. Until people start to understand the ramifications of this, they will not listen to any reason it seems.

    We started the United Party of Ontario as a party that will not incorporate and that will swear allegiance only to the People. That would allow us to have referendums and govern according to the Will of the People, which it is impossible for any party in the current corporate system to do…impossible. If they cannot have referendums and cannot have recall, why do you still think things can ever change. You cannot tell McDonalds how to make their internal regulations anymore than you can tell McCROWN what to do. The Constitution gave you the right in 1982 to not be associated with this McCROWN corporation anymore…we need to seize that opportunity.

    Three weeks ago we had offered OLA directors an opportunity to listen to our PowerPoint Presentation of evidence and information…and real, practical solutions. It has to be presented over 2 days because there is so much evidence to discuss. We received not a word in response. Our information, backed by Supreme Court Decisions as well, could save many people their homes and farms, but those leading OLA simply are not interested in hearing new information.

    There is even a law that states that property that includes a building primarily for the shelter of a living being is considered federal property for the purposes of Payment in lieu of taxes legislation…this is for appropriation of funding for municipalities by the Federal government out of the CRF! This is what this fund is for…to provide for all of the People. Of course, the way they worded it you have to parse it out, however to meet their international legal obligations this corporate government installed a provision into a whole set of statutes about collecting property tax that would cover it’s legal obligations to all of us to provide what we need to ENJOY life.

    So they are telling us that we do not have to pay municipal taxes…that the municipality is legally obligated to make an application for an appropriation from the CRF for every property with a building used primarily for shelter, but we have to enforce it. But they are clever…they make sure we are not educated about it and they keep playing us in the theatre of politics, hoping for change.

    How can anyone enforce this provision on their municipality (a subsidiary corporation of McCROWN) when they don’t know about it? So we looked into what people who have been studying all this for several years had to say and it is correct, just like it is correct that the new land tittes system transferred your land into the municipality’s name and made it absolute owner…but if you want absolute title again, there is a process.

    If you hear frustration and hurt in my ‘tone’, it is there legitimately. Those of us who have done the work and do have the facts and are trying to sound the alarm cannot be heard, although we have actual information with practical solutions to offer everyone. At least if people heard what we had to share, they could make up their own minds instead of being tossed from pillar to post with ‘hope’.

  10. Jon M June 1, 2017

    Patrick Brown has flip flopped on so many issues. He and the PC’s are a complete let down. Like the great Katie Perry once sang, when you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

  11. James Leach June 1, 2017

    I do not think anyone wound want Wynne back over McGuinty or Brown, given those two options. Her social-cultural ideology is repugnant. That said, I am thrilled with Jack leaving the party, and will be voting for him next election.

  12. Keith June 1, 2017

    Having run a family business and farm since the 70s, I recognized many instances where the politicians begin to focus on themselves and their party insiders, and then forget HOW they got elected in the first place, and renege on the promises that were to make a difference to the voters that chose them.

    All the Best ..!

  13. Handsome Mc June 1, 2017

    Wow. I knew Brown had betrayed Ontario conservatives but I didn’t know it was this bad.

    The only real answer to rural Ontario having representation is a new province without Toronto. The Trillium Party should lead the charge on this. The GTA grows by over 100,000 people a year while rural Ontario shrinks. We can no longer out-vote Toronto, which means we will ALWAYS have the gov’t they want.

    It’s not a bad thing, its a natural progression. We’ve outgrown the old political system and its time to continue a great Canadian tradition, creating a new Province.

  14. Francesco Liposo June 1, 2017

    Interesting insights Tom. Unfortunate turn of events, but all great journeys begin with one step!

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