New Landowner Group: Saugeen Regional Landowners Association

Published September 1, 2013

Some exciting news! On Monday, August 19, 2013, a new landowner group was formed called the Saugeen Regional Landowners Association. This will be the second landowner group in Grey Bruce county but it is a large area and can support more than one group. A crowd of about 70 people met for the first time at the community centre in Elmwood, Ontario. The meeting got off to a great start with Karen Weimer thanking all those who came out as well as the guests who came from other counties. Several landowner members came to their meeting to lend support, bring signs, literature and magazines to help get them started. President Tom Black came from Ottawa with his wife Marlene and Carleton Landowners Bob and Janie Ralph. Tom gave a brief history of the landowners, talked about some of our wins and encouraged people to put up their Back Off Government signs because some authorities have said that they will not come onto properties, uninvited, where those signs are posted.

First meeting of the Saugeen Regional Landowners Association

First meeting of the Saugeen Regional Landowners Association

From Lambton County, President Bill O’Brien attended to offer encouragement and support along with reporter John Phair. Huron Perth Landowner President Cindy Moyer was one of the speakers and presented information on the growing interest in her legal services co-operative which will hopefully bring affordable justice to those in need. OLA researcher Liz Marshall drove down from Dufferin County to talk about the many rights we have and how to protect them as well as a short history lesson as to where our rights came from. Her message that many levels of government have overstepped their mandates by passing by-laws that take away our rights, resonated with the crowd. In this county, landowners are being fined for having their trailers parked on their property, some with fines up to $250 per day. These issues and others have motivated people to get involved.

Many groups form because of a single issue such as the Eastern Ontario Outdoorsmen, fishermen and bait dealers who were dealt a huge blow when the MNR arbitrarily reduced the size of “bait” fish allowed and caused the loss of thousands of dollars to these men whose livelihood depended on these sales.

The Saugeen Regional Landowners Association have many individual stories but one that is hitting them hard, especially in this rural and cottage countryside, is the bylaw passed that makes it an offense to have your trailer parked on your private property if there is no house on the lot. Many people have bought land in Grey Bruce either for recreation or a retirement dream. These people have been coming to spend quality time on their land for the weekend or a summer holiday and are now facing fines for parking their tent or trailer on their land. The landowners stand on their research that private property is not owned by the municipality and as such, the municipality does not have the right to pass bylaws that restrict what landowners can do on their land, as long as our neighbours rights are respected as well.

President Bob Weimer and his wife Karen have agreed to start up the group and have help from several directors. They can be contacted at 519-363-5455. When the meeting ended, several hours later, people gathered together to discuss their issues, to exchange contact information and hopefully to bring continued strength to the landowner movement.

The OLA wishes them all the best.

4 Responses to “New Landowner Group: Saugeen Regional Landowners Association”

  1. Rebecca November 13, 2013

    this people is where your tax dollars go taking innocent people to court over idiotic things we need to clean up the goverment if anyone is in the Kingston area please attend this an show your support for Tina.. keep in mind this could be you some day.. what that you say oh it will never be me because i take good care of my animals.. that is what she used to think an i used to think an so many other people used to think.. wake up people this is a way to get money from you me an anyone using well only one word for that.. we all know what it is.Tina Lorenzen Chum
    Tina Lorenzen Chum 5:22pm Nov 13
    Tina’s Court Trial
    January 16, 2014 at 8:45am
    53 younge street, Kingston, Ontario Show your support lets send a very clear message to them that we the people are not going to stand by while they strip our pockets an steal our family.. do your research start looking into this … see where the thousand of dollars go hiring high priced lawyers to fight little old ladies an people who are not rolling in money it doesn’t take money to fight back an do what is right… in one way.. They figure you will plead out.. an just roll over.. well we wont roll… time to fight back.. please spread the word tell everyone you know to go show their support lets show goverment we wont take any more bull..

  2. "Art Jefford" November 6, 2013

    Town of Durham went after me and my family for having family and friends visit our home and park in our driveway, we appealed and went to Court after 10 days of new days Hearing continuance in Walkerton Court Justice Tracy’s Decision – Town of Durham had no right to come on our property and take My Dad’s, My Brother’s, All Our Daughter’s, Our Friend’s, My Wife’s, and My personal and business vehicles, 13 vehicles in 2 different property search and seizure raids in one year, The Chief Building Inspector Mr. John Balk also had our Gas sole heat source shut off to the home in the winter for days to freezing and attempted to have our Hydro also shut off; and the Bruce Grey Owen Sound, Health Inspector Mr. James Reason, banned our food business, (after shaking us down for kick backs) for no just reason as defined when we appealed to The Health Services Appeal and Review Board Toronto Hearing. There was no Saugeen Landowner Association to HELP us as we were devastated with “Government Official Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Permanent Disability” GOPTSD-PD further info contact “Art Jefford”

  3. sean mcgivern September 8, 2013

    Hello, Sean McGivern here, please let me know more about the new group forming,

  4. Cindy Moyer September 1, 2013

    Best wishes Karen and Bob! Thank you for having me present at your inaugural meeting.

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