News Release – National conversation on immigration launched

Published August 1, 2016

July 5, 2016—Ottawa, ON –The Government of Canada is asking Canadians about what they think immigration means for Canada, and how we can continue to grow our nation through immigration.

Starting today until August 5, 2016, Canadians can get involved by providing an on-line written submission. Other consultation activities include cross-Canada round-table discussions led by the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary, stakeholder engagement by departmental officials; and, public opinion research.

Canada’s strength lies in its diversity. Our diversity is closely tied to immigration and is a valued part of Canada’s story—we are asking Canadians to help us write the next chapter.

The feedback gathered from Canadians will be used to help guide decisions on how many people we will welcome in the coming years and the future of immigration in Canada.

Immigrants have always been a central part of Canada’s success. The contributions of newcomers result in jobs, innovation and economic growth. Immigrants also strengthen our country socially and culturally.

The Government of Canada is committed to an immigration system that supports Canada’s diversity and helps grow our economy as it strengthens our society. This is an ambitious undertaking that will help determine the way forward on immigration to Canada.

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1 Response to “News Release – National conversation on immigration launched”

  1. Grace Joubarne August 1, 2016

    They are planning to bring in another 305,000 Syrians, unvetted and unable to speak either official language. They will be entirely dependent on the rest of us for decades and who will likely never contribute to our economy.

    At a cost of roughly $60,000 per man, woman and child, you can see that this immigration policy is not about ‘helping’, but about causing chaos, distress and distraction for Canadians while they get us involved in WWIII with the Russians and Chinese. You can feel the deceit and the danger.

    Immigration that was done with common sense and good vetting is what built Canada, not the policies of a guy who never worked a day in his life and whose idea about policy is to walk across the aisle of Parliament and yank and strike others to get his way.

    This PM is tied at the hip to the UN and EU…everything you see about him is cover while he does his dirty work behind the scenes. It is no accident that his budget contains a bail-in clause for big banks. It is no accident that he signed the TPP, claiming he had to sign it to be able to learn what was in it, while at the same time pushing the whole Syrian refugee policy thing on us. How often are we told to read the contract carefully before signing and this fool signs it first?

    2017 is the year we celebrate the demise of our democracy but few will recognize it.

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