Normal Farm Practices Hearing in Clinton, Ontario

Published March 1, 2016

The case Macpherson v. County of Huron will be heard by the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board on February 29 to March 4. This case involves a farmer who is being denied the right to clear his land in order to grow vegetables and crops under the tree-cutting bylaw in the County of Huron. The board will determine whether this municipal bylaw is restricting a normal farm practice.

Farmers and property owners are encouraged to attend to learn how bylaws may affect your property rights.

See Events for more information on this hearing.

4 Responses to “Normal Farm Practices Hearing in Clinton, Ontario”

  1. cynicus stevenski March 8, 2016

    The County lawyer wanted to know ….what cattle had to do with farming. More days for the hearing are set for the Fall Lost papers by the Board were brought up again

  2. Delmer O. B. Martin March 8, 2016

    To make matters even worst, many of our modern justices and even our appeals courts are bias and serve something OTHER than justice or seeking the truth. I think it is absolutely critical to expose from the TOP DOWN, all the “Agenda 21” that has been organized by the UN /Elitists/Communists/Socialists/fake Liberals and fake conservatives which all of these avaricious land covetous have so diabolically now injected into almost all of the grass roots communities!!! We must gain strength as those that will question known liars.

  3. Jeff March 2, 2016

    Remember that a “board” is not the same thing a Judge in a court, therefore you have to go to these initial hearings with a plan to appeal if you lose. If the proper arguments were presented at the board hearing, then at an appeal (in front of a Judge) the legality of Crown Patents will not so quickly be swept under the carpet and will have much greater weight.

  4. cynicus stevenski March 1, 2016

    The Crown Land Patent was given short shrift and dismissed as not relavant

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