Ontario Landowners Association Announces New Legal Services Branch by Tom Black

Published November 1, 2016

Tome Black

In 2003 a new organization was formed in the rural countryside of Lanark County in Eastern Ontario. This new organization was known as the Lanark Landowners Association.

As more county groups across Ontario joined the Lanark Landowners, a decision was made to form the Ontario Landowners Association as the umbrella organization for the growing number of county groups. Today there are over 20 county chapters across the province, including one in Quebec.

Over the years, the landowners have been assertive in having their existing rights to property ownership and use recognized and respected by all levels of government. In bringing to the attention of government the enshrined rights in law of Private Property ownership and use, the landowners have protested by shutting down highway 401, speaking from the hay wagon on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Queens Park in Toronto and hundreds of meetings and gatherings across the province.

The Ontario Landowners Association has grown and matured since 2003, continues to this day and will continue into the future.

In keeping with their go forward growth, the Ontario Landowners Association announces that a new company has been formed to offer legal services specializing in Property Rights issues.

This company, Canadian Property Rights Legal Services, will use the extensive research compiled by Elizabeth Marshall, the Director of Research for the Ontario Landowners, as historical documented proof, that Private Property is separate and apart from the incidious creep of government legislation, regulation and policy control over Private Property ownership and use. Stay tuned for further information and the grand opening in the New Year!

The Ontario Landowners Association will continue to defend the lawful right to the ownership and use of Private Property within the Common law of “Do no harm to your neighbor”.

3 Responses to “Ontario Landowners Association Announces New Legal Services Branch by Tom Black”

  1. Jo Middleton November 6, 2016

    We are looking for legal counsel regarding our private property that was placed temporarily in the Agricultural Land Reserve in BC. 43 years ago, the stipulation was that this blanket block of land was to be defined further and rated for farm use or non-farm use within the 1st 5 years. Our land cannot be farmed as per 6 agrologist opinions, but the LC maintains it is farmable with no evidence because they prefer to cater to the cities land needs (take out #2 farmland and keep non-farmland in the reserve to keep their inventory up). The local government re-zoned the land to Residential in 2002 and the province issued a statute as such, but the LC says we still need their permission to use the land as such because they consider it farmland. We need a good lawyer. Can you help us pls?

    Best regards, Jo

  2. Art Jefford November 1, 2016

    Tom Black says “The Ontario Landowners Association will continue to defend the lawful right to the ownership and use of Private Property within the Common law of “Do no harm to your neighbor”
    Elizabeth Marshall says “Private Property is separate and apart from the insidious creep of government legislation, regulation and policy control over Private Property ownership and use “

    To Summarize

    This is the threshold issue facing private property owners, Our Servant Government Officials to project for their self interest that they are doing something for you have infringed with excessive illegal legislation encroachment of our property rights by our Magna Carta, Constitution and Charter

    The Canadian Elite to protect their property rights value and economic prosperity gain have by pressure upon our Government Servants created a snitching policy into pressurized expulsion of the impoverished from their NIMBYism using “Do no harm to your neighbor” and expel the poor out of the neighborhood clearly harming their neighbors

    All Canadians have Private Titleholder Property Rights as defined in
    The Supreme Court of Canada Landholder Titleholder Rights Test
    Requires three things of Government and Others to breach Titleholder Rights
    The Supreme Court of Canada says title gives “the exclusive right to decide how the land is used, and the right to benefit from those uses.
    ” Federal and Provincial Governments, general economic development for prosperity and the benefit of Canadians could justify infringement of Titleholder but Governments must get the consent of titleholders, and justify the projects under clear criteria and meet a
     “PROPORTIONALITY TEST,” That test requires three thing a government must establish is necessary to achieve, (a) “compelling and substantial” public goal; (b) the law must go no further than necessary to achieve it; and (c) the benefits “that may be expected to flow from that goal are not outweighed by adverse effects on the titleholder interest.”
     “There’s a balancing act going on.” with Government Interests “title is not “an absolute right.”; Government “can infringe Canadians title, but in order to do that they must
    (a) consult adequately and (b) they must have a substantive and compelling legislative objective.”
    Thus the Crown Government Officials do not have Property Rights administration authority on; (a) non ceded by First Nations private lands or (b) The Crown ceded to Canadians private lands (lands not transferred to Others)
    “Art Jefford”

  3. Grace Joubarne November 1, 2016

    If the lawyers participating in this service are ethical and knowledgeable, this is a god-send for sure. I’ve had private property issues and was taken badly by first a lawyer who claimed to be an expert and then a paralegal who also claimed to be an expert.

    Many people want to stand up and fight in the courts, but getting competent and ethical representation is quite another thing.

    Can’t wait to see more details.

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