OSPCA Act Charter Challenge – an Update by Shirley Dolan

Published November 1, 2015
Shirley Dolan

Shirley Dolan

A group of 35 landowners gathered in a Perth courtroom to listen to the proceedings of the first hearing in the application to question the constitutionality of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) Act. The court date was to hear a motion by the Attorney General of Ontario to have the Application thrown out on technical grounds.

The hearing was to commence at 2 PM. There was a sense of suspense when Justice Abrams, the presiding judge, finally appeared at 2:55 PM. Justice Abrams immediately announced that he was recusing himself from the case. He apologized to the landowners in attendance, stating that he understood the inconvenience and knew that some had travelled a great distance.

Abrams further explained that dockets are sometimes not available until just before the trail starts, and that this was the case in this situation.

The hearing has been rescheduled to January 29, 2016 at 2 PM at the Perth Courthouse, 43 Drummond Street East, Perth, Ontario. This hearing is open to the public and we can demonstrate our interest in this matter be attending. As always, court decorum must be respected.

For background and information on this process, please visit www.fixthelaw.ca.

9 Responses to “OSPCA Act Charter Challenge – an Update by Shirley Dolan”

  1. Shirley Dolan November 4, 2015

    It should be clear that the application before the courts is challenging the OSPCA Act and not the OSPCA itself. The reasons for the challenge are clearly spelled out at http://www.fixthelaw.ca. In no way is abuse of animals condoned; this is about protection of the person under our constitution.

  2. Linda November 4, 2015

    Sylvia, just because people are concerned about the OSPCA doing whatever they want and not being accountable for it doesn’t mean they don’t care about children or other matters. Every organization should be accountable for what they do. The OSPCA has repeatedly taken animals without justification and destroyed perfectly healthy adoptable pets without being accountable for their actions. Most of the public doesn’t realize what a destructive force they are. I am sure they also do some good but that doesn’t give them the right to destroy what is not theirs to destroy. And really why would their own employees turn against them. People had to leave their jobs to do what they felt was right. This was a huge sacrifice they made for their love of animals. Don’t judge people with farms. There are bad and good animal owners everywhere. We do need an organization to watch over the animals but not one that so easily puts them to death.

  3. Sylvia November 3, 2015

    Wondering why you have no interest in the constitutionality of Child Protective Services or the Parks Department, who also have “police” powers. I wonder why you think the OSPCA is unconstitutional? It’s because you want to treat your farm animals however you see fit, without oversight or interference.

  4. Hal MacGregor November 2, 2015

    The OSPCA is a Private Police force akin to the Geheime Staats Polizei (Gestapo) of Nazi Germany.

    They answer to nobody because nobody wants to be associated with them.

    Good luck to Jeff. He is doing God’s work,

    Please note that Sigmund Froid stated: “When one group of society has unfettered control over another group, abuse will follow.”

    Hal MacGregor

  5. rebecca ryan November 2, 2015

    The OSPCA act well tell me, where can we start!!!!!!!,,the rule book so to speak needs to be obliterated,please show me the paragraph where it say agents can bully,, continually demean. lie UNDER OATH needlessly drain the donaters money on very comfortable hotels and drive up to hearings in cars that are only worthy of a very high salary,, but worthy is not the preferred word i would like to use,,,,, it really does beggar belief what the Ospca can continually get away with,,,,cutting corners would not be a strong enough word you are above the law with police powers,,remind me of the shocking statement said by a very high member in your brigade every farm is a potential?,,,,,recent cases of not working with in the law that sadly the Ashworths know all too well delaying of hearings,,, snail paces in communication of your lawyers who are paid well over their worth even down to the rights of human rights my god the Ospca painted a very black and sad picture when they left Rk Ashworth on one of the hottest days in the year outside in the baking sun with not even a glass of water whilst the Ospca raided the farm. Africa India Philippines?,,no not a third world country but Ontario ,,less powers need to be implemented wages need to be revised and longer training of agents 2 weeks is nowhere near enough Driscoll is a danger with a more than worrying mindset that she has put in to practice she must be the first to go,,,iam a some what shocked and angered that you still have these powers i can only say i am relieved my animals are safe from your clutches here in the United Kingdom

  6. GOD November 1, 2015

    I think that you need to get a life! You talk a good story but you do not have any fact’s ! But that would be normal for a city LIBTARD that’s unable to understand rural affairs!! Please do us a favor and do not eat any food the world would be a batter place with out you!!

  7. Robert November 1, 2015

    You can’t trust the OSPCA they are on a cash grab spree. They are “harassing” good people who take care of their animals. Just look at what they are doing to the Ashworths, and Rebecca Hurley who’s actually suing them for 303 Million dollars for the wrongful removal and selling of their animals after the fact they won their case against the ospca. Rebecca Hurley won her horses back and the ospca sold them anyway. If the OSPCA didn’t have the authority it has this wouldn’t of happened to these people. Maybe you should actually look into what the OSPCA practices before you jump on their band wagon and say they are good people, they are not good people at all.

  8. Maureen November 1, 2015

    well having lived in this area I have to say im shocked at starving dogs showing up on my property just looking for a scrap of food nevermind the love they deserve. And their owners inevitably show up and beat them for running awy. Also horses that stagger around in winter no water or food. I am shocked this judge recused himself he should have held all those sanctimonious landowners to task.

  9. Maureen November 1, 2015

    well all I can say is that judge dos not have balls. I have witnessed in this area countless abuse of animals. From starving dogs coming to my home cowering wanting water or scraps anything nevermind love. I have seen horses without water,, staggering in the winter. Cats that have been kicked and abused. So that judge needs to grow some balls and throw the book at these poor poor exuse of these landowners that feel their above basic human decency,.

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