Presentation by Len Harris, Former Australian Senator and Property Rights Activist

Published November 1, 2014

Former Australian Senator Len Harris was the first guest speaker to the International Property Rights Conference in Kanata on October 4th.

Harris stated that during his period in the Senate, one of the major issues raised by constituents was the eroding of their rights by Local Councils, State Governments and the Federal Government. Second to that was the concern that some of the Judges expressed concerns that as a result of proliferation of Legislation and Regulations and by the very nature of the legal system, they had to work within decisions handed down that were not of their choosing!

Thirdly, he said we have lost what he described as Investigative Reporters and Journalists. That is, people who really dig to get to the bottom of a story.

pdf-icon-25 Click here to download the entire presentation by Mr. Harris

4 Responses to “Presentation by Len Harris, Former Australian Senator and Property Rights Activist”

  1. Ken Hughes December 1, 2014

    IT, a very strange way a judge Brophey ruled I had a true copy registered and notorized Crown land patent but would not believe that I could have the right to have my antique 22 in my possession on my large wooded acerage even my 1825 patent by King George 3rd stated all tools and arsenals.They did not know the recent word firearms in 1825.No crime had been committed but a tenant that attacked me while I was working in a backhoe in the woods said I had a gun.which he tried to take from it,s case and I would not allow .I admitted haveing my cirtified antique that was a 1949 that was given out by the school system.The judge took two weeks plus a day to rule and was very appaligetic and gave not criminal charge or fine but said under THIS LAW (statute) that my antique was seized by the opp police .It,s my strong opinion he was cohorst by Chris Wyatte a superintendant who was in the back pocket of McGuinty (liberal) and is charged by the national firearms with CONTEMPT of COURT.He was also told by Mr Harpers government he was breaking the federal gun law!I believe I can go back and demand under common law my old rifle back and damages after listening to Karl Lentz an expert lawyer in Constitutional and Common law.I would be interested in any sugestions.Thank You

  2. Grace Joubarne December 1, 2014

    It is said that democracies have a shelf life of about 200 years. The reason is because the free become apathetic very quickly and forget that freedom is not free…somebody has to pay for it. Apathy is extreme laziness.

    Canadians are supremely apathetic…it is a viral condition. Most of our freedoms have already been lost, we just don’t know it.

    Everytime we register for something with the government we have enslaved ourselves further. Every time we have bought a building permit, we have turned more of our power over to minions of the system.

    We have given our lives over to the various governments and agencies freely. We are now tenants on our own properties and our bodies and minds belong to the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.

    Our lands and chattels can be taken from us, even if they are fully paid for and we can be forced to accept a medical doctor’s opinion on what treatments we should accept.

    I believe that every level of government have harmed us and removed our rights on false pretences. It is interesting to see what the Criminal Code on False Pretences states…and our governments fill the bill as criminals.

    Having stated all this in black and white however, I am well aware that most people may be thinking that I am an ungrateful, malecontent…after all we live in a free society and, everyone is taken care of by the government one way or another. Compared to other countries, ours is a haven.

    Right now, as we speak, Harper is turning over our sovereignty to big corporations on the false pretense that such a move is necessary to ensure ‘economic development’…thus he is signing CETA secretly and most Canadians just don’t care.

  3. Art November 2, 2014

    Gord Day … Re; Your Comment
    – “laws are written to be to confusing and confounding for the layman, thereby, making the law out of reach for the common man.”
    – FYI … Laws are written by Lawyers for the benefit of Lawyers and thus made to exclude the laymen
    – FYI … Access to justice by a citizen in a “Pay4Justice” system where the more you pay the better justice you obtain, is flawed
    – “Access2Justice” in Canada is only if you can afford to pay; and only the well to do can pay.
    – In Canada today our Criminal Code defines Terrorism and Our Government Officials in some instances have become the terrorists.
    – Socially excluded, isolated. radicalized ostracized Canadians, are going to respond and rather than reactive response terrorism we need to address the root cause and diffuse or we will all pay.
    – Respectfully; The loss of the Freedom of one is the erosion of the Freedom of All.
    – Note! All Freedom comes from Property Rights leading to Human Rights evolving into individual Freedom,
    – Today Governments Officials have distorted individual Freedom into All Canadian Freedoms that allow the Government to target and attack one to instill fear in the many to further grasp power and control by added security
    – Speak up Canadians as Our Freedoms are about to be further restricted with new legislation and a new effort to add more costly security to protect the rich from the distressed and oppressed

  4. gord day November 1, 2014

    I find mr harris’ submission, quite interesting altho, I see similaritys, i am not sure how it would pertain to canada.

    has any successful challenge been adelivered in canada.?

    I read about ‘freemen’ and, altho, the thought is entertaining, it seems the courts just toss it and then, add extra punitive damages, as a warning to others to NOT try this kinda stunt again.

    the courts appear to feel that a layman attempting to assert his rights, is a direct affront to their superiority. and they will act heavy handedly, to put him back ‘in his place’.

    I beleive that the laws are written to be to confusing and confounding for the layman, thereby, making the law out of reach for the common man.

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