Private Property Rights Website of the Month

Published February 1, 2014

By Shirley Dolan

This is the first in a series of reviews that I will be doing each month on websites promoting property rights. There are lots of them out there and in previous editions of our OLA News; we have referenced some of them.

Today’s website is a relative new kid on the block: the Canadian Landowner Alliance. It makes a very good first impression – the design is simple and engaging and invites the visitor to explore various articles and opinions on global warming, property rights issues, and the invasion of private property by solar farms, among others.


Visit The Canadian Landowner Alliance Website

There is a good use of attention-getting photos on the “Home” page that you can click on to go to a related story. It’s easy to find your way around this site. Its well-organized and not too busy.

The central theme, as stated by “Our Mission”, is advocacy for recognition of property rights at the provincial level, and enshrining property rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Whether you agree with adding property rights to the Charter or not, the discussion is an important one as illustrated in the article Why Canadians Need Property Rights.

Visitors are invited to “Subscribe to our Membership” under the “Membership” tab. Presumably this puts one on a list to receive information by email.

There are a number of useful links under the Links tab and also under the “Our Favourites” section in the side bar.

The site is also well-connected to social media. Content refreshes often on the “Home” page courtesy of Twitter and an RSS feed. It also has a Facebook page.

Worth a visit!

4 Responses to “Private Property Rights Website of the Month”

  1. jim malloy March 17, 2014

    I have a predicament if you want I own a 5 acre lot on Netherby Rd in Niagara Falls On that has been declared wetlands of Provincial Status by the MNR of Welland On shortly after purchase I received an updated MPEC assessment that took the value from $44000 that I paid for the property to $107000 new assessment.I questioned MPAC as I am only allowed to use about 3/4 of and acre to build on so they sent me off to MNR in Peterborough for verification these folks sent nme back a letter assuring me that my property was not wetlands of provincial status and my tax assessment would stand meanwhile I paid for a work permit on my property to fill and grade and remove 20yrs of garbage that had been dumped after a year the permit expired so now they want more money of course and I believe I don’t owe them anything . I have not shown them the letter from Peterborough yet as I am keeping it as back up but what should I do I have a parasite for a neighbour who calls them anytime I go to do anything and then I get the phone call . The real joke about all this conservation b s is they are allowing my neighbour to the west of me fill in the lake that borders my property but is on his so my wife and I cant enjoy the shoreline and he will be disrupting the natural flow of spring water from his lake to my property to do it . What shoul I do or who can I talk to my lawyer has not been much help.

    • johnbeam April 1, 2014

      Dig your own lake , you must have the place before the bridge, I was looking at it and they had wrong designation on it. They are funny my lot was designated flood lands yet im 15 ft above the river. Also your mpac do they have you listed as waterfront? I’m appealing my property as the house was built in 1821 and is a tear down, they have never even looked at it.

  2. xenonmstr . February 1, 2014

    Ms. Joubarne poses an interesting question. We own a farm in Renfrew Cty, Ont. and property in several states in the US. The US through the Environmental Protection Agency, Endanger Species, Bureau of Land Management and so on have, by executive fiat, deprived untold numbers of their property rights. This is the danger and it is insidious. The bureaucrats always talk of the “greater good” while they destroy your property rights. Beware.

  3. Grace Joubarne February 1, 2014

    We already have inalienable property rights, so why pretend we don’t and then dignify that pretense by suggesting we need to have property rights added to the Charter??? Suggesting we need to add property rights to the Charter implies we don’t presently have inalienable property rights and that whatever the government is doing to property owners is lawful.

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