Is there a Remedy for People Suffering, Health Issues, Financially, etc from Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario – approximately 7700 planned for Ontario by Dave Hemingway

Published February 1, 2017

“Congratulations to Trish and Shawn Drennan!”

The Goderich Superior Court Room was filled to capacity when Shawn and Trish Drennan went to Court on January 19th to reverse the negative impact that the 140 Industrial Wind Turbine Project (K2), two transformer stations and several transmission lines have on their family, home and their Heritage Farm operation.

They put a compelling and sensible case together and spoke with passion and the strength of truth behind their words. One comment was that some felt they were witnessing an important step in this fight. I heard, from a lawyer,… “that a lawyer could not have done a better job in arguing the case”. Most felt the judge really got it and it was in no small part because of the time, work, expense and personal sacrifice they both have given to their case to put the facts on the table.

Shawn, “presented himself”, and told the court that the government has created an impossible barrier when he has to prove “Serious Harm to human health” at an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT), when the turbines have not been installed or in operation yet. The ERT appeals and Divisional Court Hearings occur prior to the IWTs becoming operational. The Divisional Court also confirmed that the ERT’s lack the jurisdiction to determine the validly of section 47.5 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and its constitutionality. In addition, to date, there appears to be no definition for the term “Serious Harm” even after all the ERT’s, Judicial Reviews and Divisional Court cases here in Ontario.

Shawn declared that the many witnesses who have come forward to testify that they have been harmed by turbines all over this province have not been given the gravity and respect they deserve for putting their testimony forward. Shawn told the hearing that the government and K2 knew the turbines will harm people even before wind project proposals and permits went ahead. The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) lobbied the government to remove Infra and Low Frequency Sound regulations and testing when the Green Energy Act was written and this requirement was subsequently removed. If Judge Raikes had asked, at least half or more of the people in the court room that day could have stood up and said, “ I am the evidence of harm from Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs).”

Shawn told the hearing that the difference between then, (ERT Hearings prior to operation) and now (May 29 2015), is that now the switch has been turned on, and the IWT’s are operational and we are being harmed.

Judge Raikes challenged K2 and the MOE to tell him what remedy the Drennans have besides more time in court. We all watched them try to answer to no avail, because as was pointed out the only remedy right now is to move away. “Most people do not want to move away to begin with but do so to regain health. They are often penalized yet again when they have to lower the sales price to even get the home sold.

When Judge Raikes looked at the K2 lawyer, Mr Bredt, the judge tried to paraphrase what the lawyer had just said to him, “ So, the Drennans went to the ERT and Divisional Court, have complained to MOE, and still have no remedy, so it’s tough luck for them? Bredt replied, “Yes.” which drew gasps of disbelief from the full gallery of people who attended.

When it came time to argue about who should be named as defendants in the Charter Challenge; K2 and /or govt., it was interesting to watch the judge see both parties try to throw each other under the bus.

Those in attendance are waiting to hear Judge Raikes decision and keep their fingers crossed that Shawn and Trish can move forward in finding a remedy for the harm they have experienced. This hearing has implications for property owners and people living within at least a 10 km radius of a turbine project here in Ontario.

Thank you, on behalf of a whole lot of us in Ontario.

Dave Hemingway is a reporter with the The Landowner. This article contains information from the files of Lorrie Gillis.

4 Responses to “Is there a Remedy for People Suffering, Health Issues, Financially, etc from Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario – approximately 7700 planned for Ontario by Dave Hemingway”

  1. Stan Thayer February 19, 2017

    The OSPE has provided volumes of factual information that has been shelved by the Liberals. If our MPP’s do not discuss it then they do not feel obligated to act on it. Kind of like the old adage, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Just take the taxpayer money and shut-up.
    Stan Thayer CET

  2. Stan Thayet February 19, 2017

    So many versions of who is right has muddied the waters of truth. The calculated lies have worked to some degree. The lawyers and government officials, including lobbiests have become prostitutes and sold their virtues for the almighty dollar. No respect for the law or common sense is the new norm. Anything goes at any cost! Those that cannot be bought will be crushed.
    Comply or die!
    Stan Thayer Alexandria

  3. Len Van Den Bosch February 1, 2017

    Ontario Society of Professional Engineers or OSPE says that the proliferation of large-scale wind will actually increase greenhouse gas emissions, therefore not achieving the government’s stated goals. In the OSPE’s most recent report, they say “Wind generation offers less GHG reduction value in Ontario because base-load generation is already carbon-free and wind generation often displaces hydroelectric and nuclear base-load generation.”

  4. Grace Joubarne February 1, 2017

    The thing is that the Supreme Court of Canada has repeatedly upheld that the Legislature can cancel any contract of any kind at any time without legal penalty.

    Thus you know this damage/harm is deliberate because the Wynne government could easily cancel all wind turbine contracts and have those turbines removed now that they have been shown to violate the Nuisance Act.

    I am quite certain that no matter the Judge’s Decision, it will be ignored and/or these fine people will be kept in court for years to come.

    Ultimately the end goal is to acquire property without paying for it…and they will not stop.

    To that end, only the party that holds power in the Legislature can make all this distress and the turbines go away fast.

    Watch for the launch of the United Party of Ontario soon…entirely devoted to returning Ontario to the People. Great people working hard to reach the 7.5 eligible Ontario voters who did not vote in the last election because there was no option…all mainstream parties are Agenda 21 adherents and Agenda 21 is all about an end to private property ownership.

    If you wish to help in any way, contact me at 613-422-7027.

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