Tea Party of One – All Governments Invited – A book review by Shirley Dolan

Published June 1, 2014

Tea Party For OneI had the pleasure of attending a Libertarian conference this month where I picked up a copy of a book called Tea Party of One – All Governments Invited, the newly released book by Jean-Serge Brisson.

I have known Jean-Serge for a few years and so I knew a little bit about how he fought the government and won – at least for now. His story begins when, as a young man, he starts his own business. Things go wrong for Jean-Serge, and I would have to say, for the government, when he starts to challenge the constitutionality of the requirement for businesses to collect and remit sales tax.

You would expect a story about opposing government (three levels – municipal, provincial, and federal – in this case) to be a bit dry. Not this book! It is a fascinating story and it is told with a lot of humour, which, despite the seriousness of this subject, makes it a very entertaining read.

This is the story of one man who takes on the big guys and doesn’t give up. It is an inspirational story – not many of us would have the intestinal fortitude to stand alone for 23 years and counting. It’s also a story with a twist – when you purchase the book directly from Mr. Brisson, it comes with an invoice from his radiator business which clearly states: “This firm does not collect taxes. If you feel this tax should be paid you may send it yourself”. Get the book – read it – you’ll understand.

The book is available from Chapters and from the publisher General Store Publishing House (GSPH) in Burnstown, Ontario. Better still; buy it directly from Mr. Brisson. You can contact him at 613-443-5423 or 613-762-8195 to obtain a signed copy.

2 Responses to “Tea Party of One – All Governments Invited – A book review by Shirley Dolan”

  1. André Roy August 20, 2015

    It’s a book that I will buy. His author confirms that the governments of Canada and Ontario ( and many other ones) are becoming increasingly authoritarian, …not unlike Russia’s Putin regime, soon.

  2. Gene Balfour November 14, 2014

    For me , Jean-Serge Brisson should be a house-hold name in Canada. I consider him to the ideal “Poster Boy” if the Libertarian movement that champions all Citizen Entrepreneurs in Canada. His story is the ideal showcase to argue why Citizen Entrepreneurs [ all “for-profit” business owners and their employees ( some 60% of the Ontario work force)]
    need a strong political voice like that of the Federal and Ontario Libertarian parties to fight for, and defend, their property rights.

    To Jean- Serge on behalf of all anti-slavery advocates : Your labour is your own and only you should be free to choose to supply your labour on your own conditions – not the governments’.

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