The Time Is Now For Rural Politicians Of All Stripes To Take A Stand By Tom Black

Published February 1, 2017

Tome Black

The news these days in the rural papers and radio stations indicate how well the plan to clear the rural of people, is really working. Back in early 2000, the government tasked a consulting firm called “Enid Slack Consulting Incorporated” with creating a report on rural Ontario. The resulting report was named “Small, Rural and Remote Communities; The Anatomy of Risk” and made many recommendations for government to follow to fix the problems in the country. The conclusions of their report was that the rural was in decline and there was nothing to do but help urge the people to move to the cities where services were easier and cheaper for the government to provide. They called for an inter-departmental committee of Cabinet so as to have a full blown affront at all angles of rural life so as to convince those that live there, to move to the cities and to deter those who wanted to move to the rural, from settling there.

Section 5.1 (1) of the report outlines the “settlement strategies”. Number 5 of those strategies “the provincial government cannot provide subsidies for everyone, everywhere in the province”. Section 7 says they “will have to be devising innovative methods of planning for downsizing”. Now getting back to the news in the rural papers; they plan to close or make major change to an estimated 500 rural schools according to the Ontario Alliance Against School Closures (OAASC) in an article in the Feb. 2017 issue of Better Farming magazine.

What better way to empty the country, than to remove local schools? The first question that any young family asks the real estate agent, before buying a house is, “where is the school”? No school; no new generation to build and retain any community. The proof is in the Statistics Canada facts, where it says that non-metro Ontario (rural) grew by 8.8% between 1986 and 1991. After this report became the policy of the Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty, the growth in rural Ontario between 2006 and 2011 was only 0.5%. It would seem that this blueprint for collapsing the rural way of life, worked pretty well. One method that was used in that blueprint was the Official Plans which were forced on communities. New zoning was applied to land, restricting what property could be used for and instantly robbing many owners of their wealth. The red tape tripled and quadrupled the cost of doing business especially starting up something new. The hunger for money by government to employ more people, to write more laws and then to enforce them, has made the government the main employer in places like Ottawa. The problem is this kind of employment doesn’t create any wealth. It only removes money from the pockets of those who would create something with it. On top of that, this week the province announced that it would double the money that it would pay out from the gas tax to any municipality that had public transit. That is obviously another tax on the country folks for being ‘country’. After all we have to travel farther for everything, thus we pay more gas tax and towns like Carleton Place are not likely to qualify for a public grant.

This is a snowball rolling downhill and unless rural politicians of all stripes take a stand to rebuild the rural by stopping the ‘leaching of services and hope’, it won’t be long until the evacuation of the rural countryside is complete.

15 Responses to “The Time Is Now For Rural Politicians Of All Stripes To Take A Stand By Tom Black”

  1. dwight parkman February 20, 2017

    Grace I am in your Court on this PEI is a example also of what’s going on in your province. It’s more noticed here because of our size.Down here we have a handful that run it all and they do what they wish, its so Blanton. They’re after our water now and you hit it right on the nailhead high time for real change. I believe there will be real-life problems for many before we get the change that is needed and that is the real sin in it all.

  2. Oliver A. February 6, 2017

    Perfect! I’ll look for your website.

  3. Grace Joubarne February 6, 2017

    Oliver: our platform will include opening the Bank of Ontario…to fund our own infrastructure costs at zero interest. The COMER issue is something I have privately supported since inception.

  4. Oliver A. February 5, 2017

    Grace, I hope that when you have a website up, the OLA newsletter will publicize it. I may be willing to get involved but would need to see your policies and platform. Those policies MUST include supporting COMER’s lawsuit against the Bank of Canada and the government of Canada. It is being litigated by renowned constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galatti and is at the very root of all other problems in Canada. You are right, people need to act. One difficulty is putting aside our petty differences that the politicians love to fuel and uniting on the broader issues of true democracy and sovereignty.

  5. eric monkman February 5, 2017

    My lightbulb just lit up. I had wondered for some time why my rural municipality of North Grenville has stopped giving any severances or consents. Even though the Township maintains many miles of roads that have no useful agricultural frontage , these lands are not being developed for private homes which would really help in bringing in more tax dollars and more families to use existing schools. Never mind the increased local economic activity. This year our community is facing the closure of the schools my children attended. I wish I had known sooner of this planned breaking down of our rural way of life by the klepocrats who smile and nod, but slither back to their desks.

  6. Mike February 3, 2017

    This government is nothing more than a dictatorship shoving all these regulations down our throats. A lot of these are made for Toronto solutions with no regaurd for the rural constituants. A new political party would be would be more than welcome in my books. Is there a website available so we all can have a look at what they are all about?

  7. Vince February 2, 2017

    I think MPAC is part of the plan as well. The past two reviews has rural folk thinking twice about their land and residence, with a huge hike on their property tax! More tax, less services, when you live in the country. When you add it all up; sky high hydro for low density areas, no natural gas, carbon tax, so your wood stove will now be more expensive than electricity as well, high gas prices so that your commute is less and less viable, no more schools, little or no internet, remote bank locations closing, rural roads not being fixed, zoning restrictions, potable water zones to limit new residences, septic tank laws, they were even thinking of putting meters on well water! Jeez, how come I’m not in an apartment building already!

  8. Lorrie Gillis February 1, 2017

    Grace, You are absolutely right. It has become part of our routine to browse through local papers every week for any word on the next wind turbine installation, quarry, gravel pit, solar panel expanse, mennonite industrial undertaking, water taking, school closing threat lurking in the shadows and we are losing the battle to keep a healthy and peaceful life out here by leaps and bounds. Thank you for taking action instead of just complaining.

  9. Liz February 1, 2017

    Tom is absolutely correct. In the reports “Investing in People: Creating a Human Capital Society,” (Investing) “Small Rural and Remote Communities,” “Vibrant Cities,” “Places to Grow – North Discussion plan,” and “Ontario in the Creative Age,” are the recommendations that we are to leave the rural areas. In “Investing” it is stated that the government should decrease funding for health care to support education. They are closing rural schools to fund specialized schools in the larger urban areas at the expense and cost to the rural people and their children.
    In Investing is the recommendations for time of use meters for electricity, charge high pricing for on-off periods for electricity, charge more for renewable energy, and the funny thing is, the person who was the director of research for the report “Investing” must have moved to a rural area because he was trying to stop the turbines…he made the recommendations but he didn’t seem to want the devaluation of his own property. He hasn’t been heard of in quite sometime.
    These recommendations aren’t really any different than what the Bill Davis government did, though. It was the PCs that brought in the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act so that the urban population wouldn’t have to travel too far North for recreation. His government was called communists and thieves, by the opposition parties, because of this, and yet the opposition became government and they didn’t repeal the Act – no they are still implementing this unconstitutional attack on the people of Ontario.
    That is what government does. It is so over-blown with “staff” (at the recommendations in Investing) that we can’t afford it any longer. One last recommendation is that our democratic rights must be removed or we will end up bankrupt just like California, perhaps this is why those so-called public meetings are the way they are…”We’re listening but we are just going to do it anyways and if you don’t like it – take us to court.”
    It’s time to find someone who will be honest and moral to represent you, to get rid of this abusive elitist attitude by government and staff, but just don’t look to the New-Demo-Progressive-Con-Liberal Party because it will just be the same old promises pragmatically executed to mislead you.

  10. Tom Belton February 1, 2017

    I agree whole heartedly with your comments. One area that should have been mentioned is the excessive costs we are all incurring for our electrical needs. The “Delivery Charges” are outrageous and highly discriminatory against our rural population. Next time anyone speaks with an urban friend or relative, ask them what the “Delivery Charge” on their Hydro is….and then listen to the disbelief in their voices after hearing what you are paying.
    The Community way of life is greatly in danger of accepting a slow burn downwards for us all. School closures are a major symptom of what we are in for. How long can our rural Hospitals continue? No Schools? No readily available Healthcare? ever increasing Reality Taxes? Unrelenting Hydro costs?
    If ever there was a need for a Revolution, we are approaching the line very quickly.

  11. Karen Mahon February 1, 2017

    Educate yourself on your rights. Share your knowledge. You are the King of your kingdom.

    Private property is private; public property is public. You cannot plan for what you do not own.

  12. Grace Joubarne February 1, 2017

    If we would only stop attributing all this to lazy MPPs and MPs and instead realize that our mistake is in believing that one of the mainstream parties would eventually ‘do the right thing’, only then would people who do work on putting solutions out there get the support they deserve.

    I’ve been saying for years that all these problems have been overlapping for years…it’s not just a rural problem, not just a school problem, not just a healthcare problem…not just a wind turbine problem…. There is one big plan…you and I are the part of the plan that loses.

    All the municipalities received their Municipal Primer recently…a document supplied by ICLEI which instructs municipalities in how to further implement the Agenda 21 and now the 2030 version. These municipal officials have given over control of their municipalities to ICLEI/UN, without any mandate of the people whatever. This is treason.

    Once Harper stated clearly that Canada’s sovereignty had been given over to foreign entities to get a trade deal signed, and then recently PM Trudeau announced to the UN that Canada was a post-nation with no core identity, what did Canadians do? Nothing. And in fact, many found it distasteful to call this what it is…treason.

    In the old days, these people would have been shot on the spot as traitors for having secret meetings and handing their country over to foreigners. Today we have allowed this behavior to be normalized.

    You cannot resolve anything until you identify it…and what we are facing now takes honesty and integrity to identify.

    Ah, but we are way too nice to call a spade a spade and thus we all suffer…especially the children, for whom there is no hope.

    The problem is not the MPPs and MPs; the problem is that we, the People have refused to acknowledge that our country is being sold off, piece by piece and we are just something to be sold off. We don’t act, so why should they?

    There is an old saying “We teach people how to treat us…”.

    There are some 112 protest movements ongoing right now in Ontario. They all have networks already established. There are 7.5 million eligible votes who did not vote in the last election because there was no option to the ‘politicians’. Wynne got in with just a little over 1 million votes. Add up the number of people…she’s paid off and you see where the million votes came from.

    We no longer need politicians…they got us into the mess we are in. Why can we not be honest about that? Most are ‘go along to get along’ types and so we never see change. At the governing level, only those who are already Agenda 21 indoctrinated have anything to say.

    Now we are starting to see that we are the hosts for the elite political parasites who are polished speakers and know exactly what to say to get your vote. Elections to them are merely inconveniences.

    Now we need leaders, community leaders, activists. People who have worked hard, built their lives, not by living off others like parasites, but through grit and determination, resilience and resourcefulness. These are the people who have the knowledge, decency, wisdom and staying power to get Ontario back into the hands of the People and recovered to it’s former greatness.

    To this end, some of us have stopped complaining and started the United Party of Ontario. We are getting key people into key positions and we plan to challenge the status quo on June 7, 2018…not to get a majority, but to do a clean sweep to get corrupt corporations out of our lives and pocketbooks.

    Everything can be reversed and most of the damage reversed fairly quickly. But can the mentality of the public that thinks one has to be a ‘polished’ politician to govern be reversed? We shall see in 2018.

    Please watch for information about the United Party of Ontario coming in the near future. We are black and white, fully democratic and will provide the solutions needed…not just more rhetoric.

    If you wish to help and feel you have something to offer, please contact me: 613-422-7027. Want to run in the next election, contact us as well.

    Good people can build strong communities, but it takes all communities to build a strong province. The more ‘good’, honest leaders at all levels who join us now, the faster we can provide the relief needed.

  13. Donna Burns February 1, 2017

    ALL our MP’s, MPP’s and Municipal Council members are being USED as a tool to help implement and shut down our communities in Rural Ontario which includes their properties and the properties of their friends & families. How good do they feel about themselves, knowing they are playing a big part in achieving this success! It certainly appears to me, they don’t have the guts to take a stand and refuse these “guidelines” (which is NOT legislation) because they’re afraid of losing the “money”. Therefore, they would rather sell their souls to the devil, then give up the $$$

  14. Richard Bonato February 1, 2017

    Good article Tom. And let’s not forget the exorbitant cost of rural heating vs urban. Urban dwellers are much more likely to have cheaper natural gas availability and the rural electricity delivery charges make it prohibitively expensive to raise a young family. These are additional factors contributing to the planned demise of rural communities.

  15. dan mckenna February 1, 2017

    seen it comming
    over the years

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