This Country Was Built On The Rights Of The Individual Being Protected by Tom Black

Published July 1, 2015

Since the Trudeau government repatriated (brought back to Canada) our Constitution in 1982, there has been considerable confusion as to what that constitution is. Because the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created at the same time and in a sense, rolled together with the goings on with the constitution, it leads people to believe that it is really part of our repatriated constitution. I once asked a well known lawyer, Soloman Friedman, if the Charter could take away any of our rights that were in our original British North America Act, that was based on the Magna Carta and his reply was “no, it cannot remove any rights, it can only give you more rights”. That seems to hold well with section 26 of the 1982 Constitution where it says; 26. “The guarantee in this charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed as denying the existence of any other rights or freedoms that exist in Canada. That seems pretty clear, so how do we end up with judges using the ‘not withstanding clause’ in the Charter, that basically say that we can remove an individuals rights for the good of the community at large.

This country was built on the rights of the individual being protected against government and the community at large. This contradiction in the charter makes it unconstitutional at best or treason at worse and the courts and informed politicians need to stand up against any further erosion of our rights by removing the ‘not withstanding clause’ from this charter.

This is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and through the decades many governments have tried to remove the rights that we were granted, but the only one to succeed was Trudeau and his Charter.

6 Responses to “This Country Was Built On The Rights Of The Individual Being Protected by Tom Black”

  1. leeroy July 3, 2015

    I think people need to read the constitution/Canadian charter of rights and freedoms again. I refer you to section 32 and section 52. this document is a government internal policy. Unless you consider yourself a ” PUBLIC SERVANT” NONE OF THESE DOCUMENTS APPLY TO YOU! Start reading and learning my friends.

  2. Stefanos July 1, 2015

    Art you are so right! Under Bill C-51 the comment you just said may consider you a terrorist. Same as saying anything against a corporation because it may cause it harm. Why would Bill C-51 say that if you do anything to cause harm to a Corporation you may be considered a terrorist? Notice it does not say anything against CANADA but against a CORPORATION. This should set off alarms for any Canadian! Seems the Conservatives and Liberals and the NDP who are basically Liberals anyways are completely out of control! Libertarian for new Government!

  3. Len Swartz July 1, 2015

    I see so much of people thinking their rights are given to them through the charter, or by the gov! We are all born to this world through our creator! He is the only one with the ability the give or take our rights away! We are all born with inalienable rights that can not be removed, however the gov through their teachings has the majority of people thinking otherwise! This brain washing starts in kindergarten, right through our whole education! They are a corporation folks, nothing more!! Public servants, nothing more!! I would suggest any one who really wants to understand the truth to you tube Mark Passio and his seminar on Natural Law!! Even section 32 of the charter will tell you that the charter only applies to governments! It is all manufactured crap by the gov in order to keep people doing their bidings. Does anyone know the term for people being forced to labor their lives away and give the profits of that to someone else?? To do as you are told or you will be locked in a cage?? The term is called Slavery!!! Its really time people wake up and help themselves. Help your children, your grandchildren!!! You are the only one with rights over your body or land!! It is a pretty big claim for them to say they own the planet earth, in any way, considering we have something called the Bible!! Time to ask yourselves where they are getting this authority from, and better yet, ask them!!!!

  4. edward kennedy July 1, 2015

    Everything has an element of corruption within it, including politics, academia and religion. The common element of that corruption is that political correctness, the not so recent religion best described as a “no value” value system has infected them. Most people fear the fascist intolerant nature of that “religion”, embraced as a poisonous viper to the breast of the fearful and insecure population. That in and of itself is the real enemy of freedom and justice.

  5. Art Jefford July 1, 2015

    My Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau said
    “The State has no business in the bedrooms of the Nation”
    Today My Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Trudeau’s son say in passing Bill 51
    The State does have the business right to enter your bedroom with out notice and over your objection

  6. Art Jefford July 1, 2015

    The issue is simple
    as you now become a traitor to Canada and Canadian freedom

    The loss of one’s Canadian Freedom
    Is the start of the erosion of every ones Freedom

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