Tom Black on The Hydro and Carbon Tax Debate

Published March 23, 2017

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  1. Liz March 25, 2017

    You may be wondering why government feels it is OK to place our children and grand-children into financial bondage. This was recommended by the Panel on government, done by academics at the University of Toronto. What it states in the report “Investing in People Creating a Human Capital Society” on page 23 is:
    “Future generations should bear some of the cost of creating the infrastructure that will provide them with services.”
    Do you feel your children and grand-children should have to suffer in financial bondage because of mismanagement of government? These are failed recommendations based on a California philosophy or in other words the Hegelian Philosophy of Right (Marxism) – not what true democracy is, so should government even be implementing this?
    Again from “Investing in People Creating a Human Capital Society” on page 31 – 32:
    “Direct democracy permits individual citizens to make choices about specific policy issues. However, direct democracy raises serious concerns about the ability of referenda to address complex policy issues, the role of money in the voting process, the loss of democratic debate and the hindering of rational policy making. Given the experience with direct democracy in other jurisdictions (e.g., California), we believe that its role should be very limited and carefully structured. It should not be used for general policy decisions manageable by representative democracy, such as the desirable level of taxes.”
    In other words they feel you lack the intellectual ability to decide for yourself what you should or should not be doing and who should pay. This may be OK for those who work at the U of T, but what about the average Ontarian and most importantly what about the tax-payer – it would seem those involved in these reports are either making too much money or are completely clueless about the reality of life, wouldn’t one think? They even state they did not use all the information provided to do this report so they make recommendations, which have failed in other areas of the world, hoping for a different out-come on the backs of Canadians. What did Einstein say…doing the same over and over again and expecting a different outcome is a real sign of insanity, or some such thing…well that’s what government is doing.
    Perhaps we need to look at what democracy is supposed to be. From the Legislative Debates:
    “The rule is the public good is always paramount but never when it is at the expense of a private individual.”
    Shame on government for listening to a self fulfilling prophecy. Academics, who purport to know, ensuring their occupation will continue on the backs of you, me and our heirs.

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