What will next year have in store for the citizens of this province, this country and the world in general?

Published November 1, 2013

Message from Tom Black, OLA President

Tom Black

Tom Black

As we near the end of 2013, I wonder what next year will have in store for the citizens of this province, this country and the world in general? Weather extremes, political extremists, religious extremists and animal rights extremists, all weigh heavily on the peace and security of the individual. For most of us in this country, in the baby boom generation, it has been a very safe, peaceful and productive 60 plus years. This can lull one into thinking that this is the normal expectation for life on this planet.

History however, has shown us otherwise as many great civilizations that seemed indestructible at one point in time, have crumbled into ruins and disappeared.

So what can we do as our part in securing the future for our families? For those of us in the British Commonwealth, the blueprint for success was established when the Magna Carta was written, with the many checks and balances that have served us so well this past 800 years. These rules have given us a society that is the envy of the world, and because of it, many people come to join us to better their own situations. This is all fine until people forget what made this country so good. The individual and his or her rights are at the centre of our greatness. That means when there is a dispute over the rights of an individual versus the state, the individuals rights must always persevere or we risk losing this great society by diluting the value of the individual.

The foundation of these individual rights is the right to own property and to enjoy it at the exclusion of others. To that end we established a justice system to ensure the individual is protected. The only role for the government in this society is to protect the individual, for in so doing, it protects all. If it becomes OK to sacrifice the individual for the good of the masses, then the masses are automatically put at risk because we have now put a price on freedom and eventually, we will reach the market value for the price of the freedom of those same masses. The laws created to protect individuals, have to be applied with that in mind. When the police ride shotgun on raids by the DFO, the MNR, the Conservation Authorities or the OSPCA, they must be there not only as peace officers, but also as upholders of the law that was established to protect the individual because this slide down the slippery slope of control by the masses is hard to stop once set in motion.

The old saying that “Man does not live by bread alone” is true in the case of justice. Those who have never felt the sting of the barbed whip of injustice can never imagine the toll it takes on people’s self-esteem and wellness, on their ability to be productive citizens and family units. Injustice leaves people stuck in a time warp with no way to go forward, for the foundation of their life has been shattered. When salt of the earth people are set upon by officials in uniforms that represent society’s will, and no one steps in to ensure their rights and freedoms are not abused, as has happened of late in this province, then our place in history, as a “GREAT NATION” will not extend very far into the future.

7 Responses to “What will next year have in store for the citizens of this province, this country and the world in general?”

  1. tom November 25, 2013

    I have been dealing with TRCA on a property issue for over a year and all along I was lead to believe that a permit would be issued, but 25K$ latter , not so.
    I also live in Texas, 4 years, part time.
    Here is what I have observed between Texas and Ontario.
    I’m sad to say, but I wish I would have found Texas sooner, for the following reasons.
    No State taxes
    No motorcycle helmet law ( freedom to choose)
    Property rights
    The right to protect your family and property
    They have unrestricted land, ie.,if you want to build a shop and house on the same property, no problem
    70 cent a liter gas ($2.89 a gallon)
    Houses in Houston, good ones at $150K
    By the way, 100,000 people are moving to Houston every year
    The list goes on and on.
    In conclusion, Canada missed out on the 1776 tea party, the American’s got the Constitution, we got what?
    Every time the plane lands in Houston I smell Frrrrreeeeeeedddoooommmm. Yes you can smell it.
    God bless America.
    From a business man, I will not create another jog in this country.

  2. Rebecca November 12, 2013

    If we don’t stand up together now to protect our rights one day we will turn around and our rights will be all gone an we will all be locked up for something or another.. if people or goverment says we do this because we are protecting you.. start asking question guaranteed it is cause they are making money on it an they don’t give a flying fiddle about protecting anyone but them an the banks..

  3. Jacqueline Kohls November 2, 2013

    Very well said. I am posting this on facebook.
    I do hope that more people will be alerted to the dangers of injustice and what I term,’The Great Forgetting”, meaning failure to remember how this country became so wonderful and so free.

  4. Nancy Burke November 1, 2013

    Perhaps if we had ‘recall’ as an integral part of our political system it might be possible to get off this out of control roller coaster and regain a modicum of
    what once made our Country so great. At the very least; truth, honesty, humanity and
    integrity constituted the norm.

  5. Cindy Moyer November 1, 2013

    We cannot forget that a very large and vocal portion of our society feel that the end justifies the means – that in the name of safety and security of the whole, the individual must be prepared to surrender his/her rights for the benefit of all: including the sting of injustice. That’s a slippery slope way of thinking. When and where do we draw the line? Didn’t slavery once benefit society? I think that those of us in society who know history have a responsibility to educate others who do not. There is nothing wrong with new ways of thinking or rules but when we take from another, we must be darn good and sure that a) we have their acknowledged and informed agreement and b) we compensate. A society is dysfunctional if it is imbalanced. Our history stands in evidence.

  6. Greg Mount November 1, 2013

    Exactly! Rein them in now!

  7. Kevin November 1, 2013

    Very true Tom.

    And very succinctly written.

    It is hard to imagine the change it can make in your life when the uniforms arrive on some trumped up municipal
    Chargeuntil it happens..
    The court takes years and that is years off you life and health…..and that’s only if you can sape enough money together to defend yourself.

    Keep up the fight folks!!


    Kevin Doyle


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