Why We Must Return To Basic Democracy, and Only Citizens Should Vote In Elections by Kenneth T. Tellis

Published June 1, 2015

Every day we see the news about how unions, corporations etc. are able to override the choices made by the electors, by simply donating large sums of money to political parties that they want in power. Since we have to start somewhere, is it not about time to stop unions, corporations etc. taking any part in the electoral process? Any election must be one in which the only the citizen can vote, and that since corporations and unions are NOT citizens they should not be allowed to take part in any election where the citizens must be the deciders. Neither Union nor Corporate moneys must be allowed to influence any election. That decision should be left to the constituents of a riding, and not outside influences…

All candidates for public office must be chosen at the local level and not parachuted in from other areas. Of course this was a favourite trick of one Pierre Trudeau who thumbed his nose at democratic process, because he thought of himself as a mogul or potentate, rather than an elected representative of the people. But this was his callow side, and power became his personal goal, rather than the promotion of democracy, in which he never, ever believed. That is why during his term as prime minister he watered down democracy to the point that it became ineffective to say the very least, and made Canada look like a banana republic.

It is ergo time that whomever becomes the next prime minister of Canada, will return to its people all those rights that we inherited from the Magna Carta and the real Canadian Constitution of Canada, the British North America Act of July 1, 1867, not one that was created and amended by men of the very same caliber as Pierre Trudeau, who thought that he could rule by decree as a potentate, rather than the consent of the people of Canada. Keep in mind that the very constitution belongs to the people of Canada and not the prime minister or a government. So, any future decision on the constitution must be made by the people, and not political elites, who only hold power when elected by the people. Now there is a lesson in basic democracy that anyone can follow.

Now the rest is up to future generations to guide Canada, through the stormy seas of politics, and bring it back on an even keel.

4 Responses to “Why We Must Return To Basic Democracy, and Only Citizens Should Vote In Elections by Kenneth T. Tellis”

  1. Gary June 21, 2015

    Understanding who the Constitution was written for is key. A citizen in Canada is a [wo]man whom freely pledges allegiance to another sovereign entity, subjecting themselves to service of the Queen, they take the role of a servant. The Constitution was written for citizens, citizens are persons whom are legally bound to the Queen’s legal codes and the Queen’s Government. What the Constitution is is a document that outlines the terms of employment to the Crown.

    Now if we applied Common law principles, which this land freely recognizes as the primary means of dispensing justice amongst free people, we can unwind the Queen’s codes that bind us to that enslavement.

    In the case of land ownership, the terms are quite clear, the legal entity called Canada is the Queen’s property, the best a citizen can hope for is to hold a title to land. A title, such as a Duke, Earl, or land owner is granted by the Crown, the rent to the real owner is taxes paid to the Crown.

    Titles are trust relationships that require the trustee(land owner) to abide by the Crown’s codes and take responsibility for the upkeep of her property. The grantor of the title is the Crown/Queen, the beneficiary is government. To freely hold property, the land mass referred to as Canada has to be redefined as an allodial holding, not the Queen’s property, which free [wo]man under Common Law can claim as their own and their family’s if they so wish.


  2. Dave June 1, 2015

    Why not mention Brian Mulroney running in a Nova Scotia riding, after Elmer Mackay (Peter’s father) stepped down to allow Mulroney an easy byelection win after taking the PC leadership? You lose credibility when you put your bias on such clear display with your venomous attack of PET – *no* party sets a high bar for respect of democratic principles.

  3. Grace Joubarne June 1, 2015

    Only problem with this is that a long time ago, Corporations were deemed legal entities, with the same rights and powers as an individual. Prior to that, the people ruled, but after that, corporations started to eyeball every nation in the world as their own playground.

    Pierre Trudeau was a card-carrying member of the Hegelian philosophy of rule…that is why his son today is so enamored with communism and especially the Chinese way of managing a country.

    The NDP is littered as well with corporate influence…with many of their members and organizers tied directly to Big Pharma and Big Oil.

    Sorry, but you are watching the end of our democracy. No democracy has ever lasted more than 200 years, because those who take it for granted wake up too late. Those who fought for it are long gone, and it takes decades before people again revolt.

    No one revolts until they have nothing left to lose. Until then, they protect themselves, fill their pockets from others misery…..

  4. ericjelinski June 1, 2015

    Thank you, Third party advertising must be eliminated. All candidates must have lived in the riding for 5 years prior to running. Budgets must be balance every year….no deficit spending that has to be fixed up during the next government

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